Accountants Urged To 'Stay On Cutting Edge'


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THE Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) president yesterday urged the profession to stay on the "cutting edge", adding: "We have to make sure we are who we champion ourselves to be".

Gowon Bowe, addressing the opening of BICA's Accountants Week conference, said: "We have to stay on the cutting edge. Each and everyone of us is responsible for ensuring that we maintain our professional development.

"The concept of saying that I have passed through school, finished my exams - been there, done that - is not the mantra that should be supported.

"When we look at what our continued professional development has evolved into, and the development of continued education partnerships with the American Institute of Chartered Accountants, it shows that we are very serious about our continued education.

Said Mr Bowe: "Not all that we have to say will be good or welcome news.

"But as long as we are objective and criticising with the view to being partners and collaborators in the solutions, I think it will be accepted.

"We have to make sure that we are who we champion ourselves to be," he continued.

"If we serve our role we will be highly influential in demonstrating to the world not only the strength of the Bahamas but its financial performance on an annual basis."

Mr Bowe said that next year the Bahamas will play host to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean (ICAC) conference.


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