Bpl Studying 19 Bids From Power Generators


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NINETEEN firms have submitted bids to provide 80 megawatts of power to Bahamas Power & Light (BPL).

The company’s management conducted a public opening of the bids yesterday. Whitney Heastie, BPL chief executive officer said yesterday that BPL has engaged an outside firm to conduct the evaluation of the bids. The company is still in negotiations with that firm.

Mr Heastie said BPL is looking for the ‘best option for its consumers. The 80 megawatts of power generation the electricity provider is seeking, matches the 80 megawatts of rented generation BPL currently employs.

“The RFP was initially structured as being for 80 megawatts of rental generation for five years and then realising that we possibly can get some offers that would be attractive we modified that process,” said Mr Heastie, noting a longer term arrangement could be reached.

As to when BPL expects to conclude the process Mr Heastie said it is difficult to give timelines at this time. “We would like to have something sured up by the summer peak 2018 but that is not something that is going to cause us to rush the process,” he said. The prospective bidders include: So Energy International; Tiger Offshore Rentals; Providence Energy Partners Holdings Energy Solution; Rolls Royce Power Systems; Green Fuel WMS International Energy Management and Leasing Services; Bahamas Independent Power Partners Alternative I; Bahamas Independent Power Partners Alternative II; Martin Energy Group; Modec; Green Energy Service dba Power Plus; Cain Industries Bahamas Limited; Tyoga LNG; Supernova Sominicana srl (two bids); Sol Petroleum Bahamas Limited; Quantum Utility Generation; New Fortress Energy; Karpowership Latam Limited; Shell Gas; Aggreko International; Furnace and Lube Service Inc. (2 bids).


proudloudandfnm 1 year, 5 months ago

5 years!?!? So no plans to fix BEC for 5 years!?!?

Jesus! We live in a stupid country...


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