Motivational Speaker Wants To Give Women The 'Wow' Factor


Ria Newbold, founder of WOW Cultivators.


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AS a result of her experience helping others over the years, Bahamian author, radio host, and transformational empowerment strategist Ria Newbold is now embarking on a new venture to create a safe space for women who are striving for personal and professional success.

With more than 50 women already a part of the movement via the group's private Facebook page, the Wells of Wealth (WOW) Cultivators venture is ready to help women unlock strategies as it relates to creating wealth from the inside out, all while changing lives and leaving a legacy, said Ms Newbold.

"This is not only a group designed to talk about money. It also speaks on the different aspects of a woman's life, which may also include her prayer life, relationships, health and much more. I have learned and experienced a whole lot along my journey. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that women who have to journey alone, it is not an easy thing to do at all, and true support is vitally important to anyone's success. I am a firm believer that it's no longer time to procrastinate, but to be bold enough to step out in faith and be who you were created to be," she said.

Each week moving forward, the WOW Cultivators group will be challenged to set goals, highlight other members who are doing great things, and by the end of the week, celebrate their victories. A live training session will also be hosted weekly on Facebook in an effort to ensure that members are equipped with the necessary information they need in order to succeed.

"This is where they are given an opportunity to interact with me live, ask questions during the training and be given answers to help them in moving forward," said Ms Newbold.

"It's amazing to see the power behind women who simply may not even know each other but can be so authentic in their words of encouragement, helping one another with advice based on their own individual experiences or expertise. This is so refreshing to see the level of sharing among these women, as there is only positivity and words that uplift and not tear down."

Speaking about some of challenges in her own life, Ms Newbold said she, too, sometimes finds herself in a position where things are hard, but she pushes her way through. It is in these moments, she said, that she is reminded of the fact that there is a price to be paid for an authentic call of God on a person's life.

"Often times we hear the line, 'without a test there will be no testimony'. It is true and this becomes the essence of each of our individual stories which makes us unique and sets us apart from someone else. Therefore, I utilise the power of my own story on different platforms and one-on-one to connect with the audience and cause an impact that not only goes to their minds, but transforms their hearts. The WOW Cultivators movement is beneficial to Bahamian and other women who are simply looking for an environment where they can be aligned, transformed and empowered through networking, sisterhood and authenticity. This space is filled with positivity through conversations, questions, inspiration and discussions that pushes the women to go beyond where they are in order to get to where they need to be," said Ms Newbold.

Her ultimate goal for the WOW Cultivators is to not only impact the Bahamas, but the world, because women everywhere are suffering.

"As WOW Cultivators, through our times of sharing and authenticity, we want to shift the mindsets and perspectives of women from the place of hopelessness to having hope restored. We also want to continuously uplift, support and encourage each other while learning, in an effort to reach our individual goals in life, business and success," said Ms Newbold.

"Our current members are from the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the United States and Canada. Although we started out as a Facebook group, we will also have opportunities for the women to come together face-to-face and meet the persons who they have been sharing with online. Our first meet and greet will be held on December 16 and we are excited. The details will be posted on my website, riacnewbold.com."

Women are also invited to get involved with WOW Cultivators by visiting the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/wowcultivators.

For more information, e-mail info@riacnewbold.com or call 467-3031.


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