Pm To Make Christmas Address

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

PRME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is slated to make a national address for the Christmas holiday and another early in the New Year; however it’s not clear when promised quarterly press conferences will be introduced.

Yesterday, Press Secretary Anthony Newbold said that aspect of press engagement – announced shortly after the general election – had not been fully worked through.

“It’s unlikely that we will,” Mr Newbold said when asked by The Tribune whether the initiative would be implemented before year-end.

“It probably won’t start until early New Year shortly after the national addresses,” he continued.

“At Christmas, and then one to start the New Year. We just started talking about it. I know one thing for sure there will be a national address in January and one just before Christmas. Exactly when we will do that (press conferences) I’m not sure, we haven’t firmed that up yet.”

In a later correspondence, Mr Newbold explained the scheduled press conferences were intended to “assure access to the prime minister.”

“However, the press has been able to speak freely with the prime minister most times he has appeared in public,” he said.

“But there is a commitment to get on a schedule next year.”

In recent weeks, Dr Minnis has repeatedly blocked attempts by the press to question him on matters of national interest, although he briefly spoke to reporters yesterday and gave The Tribune an interview on the sidelines of the opening of the SLS hotel at Baha Mar on Friday night.

An article in The Nassau Guardian last week, reported Dr Minnis ran from a staff reporter seeking further information about his announcement on changes to citizenship laws.

The relationship between the Minnis administration and the press core was thrust into the spotlight at a recent banquet honouring Bahamian media professionals on Saturday.

Dr Minnis criticised the press for reporting “drama” rather than policy, for not comparing the Bahamas enough with other countries and for “blurring” the lines between reporting and editorial writing.

The Bahamas Press Club had honoured Dr Minnis with the Person of the Year Award.


sheeprunner12 12 months ago

What do you want to hear from the PM??????? ............ Well let us begin to make our Wish List:

  1. When will Ragged Island become the first Smart Green Bahamian community???
  2. When will construction begin on the Long Island International Airport???
  3. When will the Dumont-style public education reform begin??????

TalRussell 12 months ago

Comrades! What a long eight-months of red shirts governing time year will have passed to recaptured just how the nation has been streamlined with "ACEE's" bullshit on behalf his PM boss man's..... But whose voice will we hear delivering the Christmas message..... the PM's or his constant mouthpiece, "ACEE's?
Tell me, doesn't "ACEE," not reminds you lots of the overly opinionated talkie show host Comrade Carlton? {To make these two men's up - would be all but an impossibility}. My most trusted source tells me Carlton was the runner up to become the PM's spokesman's.


TalRussell 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Comrades! Before the prime minister steps in front Christmas tree microphone, don't you think he needs explain why his red shirts regime is in such a rush be throwing wide open the gates to Expat labourers? Is the PM, not the least bit concerned that 'Expats employing Expats' will ends up economically forcing tens of thousands local native workers to seek work refuge paychecques in other countries? Comrades, does it not scare the living hell out you that very soon we could end up with entire Out Islands of Islanders - being forced off their birthplace islands - after being replaced by 'Expats hiring Expats? Are we not heading towards a return to 50 years ago Bay Street Boys plantation mentality workers rights and days - all arriving just in time for the 2022 general election? You just watch how the red shirts once again run their 'separate the population by their classes' 2022 campaign?


licks2 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Yall don't see that een nobody on yall run yet!! Yinna just like Juan and Candia dames. . .yinna done turn petty and of no real account!! Yinna talk too much crap. . .people done "tune yinna out". . .LOL!!


sheeprunner12 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Talk show hosts make a living by being controversial, sensational and pompous ........ Bodie, McCartney and Darold etc are just doing their jobs. They are the antithesis of the politicians and pastors ....... competing for the intellectually unwashed masses who hold the majority of votes in our society.


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