Mortimer Says Bill Will Not Empower Bahamians

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DNA interim leader Chris Mortimer.


Tribune Staff Reporter


DEMOCRATIC National Alliance (DNA) interim leader Chris Mortimer yesterday slammed the controversial Commercial Enterprises Bill as “poorly constructed and unfocused,” contending the bill, as presented, is a complete departure from the government’s promise to “facilitate the empowerment of Bahamian entrepreneurs”.

In a statement released by the party Wednesday, Mr Mortimer branded the Minnis administration a group of “grandstanding hypocrites”.

Mr Mortimer also backed the criticism the bill has faced, insisting it promotes the interests of wealthy foreigners over Bahamians.

The Commercial Enterprises Bill would allow foreigners or Bahamians to receive “economic concessions” if they establish specified types of businesses in the Bahamas with an investment of no less than $250,000. Such businesses would be entitled to a specified number of work permits for executives, managers and people with “specialised knowledge.”

Mr Mortimer stated: “The idea that this sham of a legislation will somehow expand the middle class or create opportunities for Bahamians will undoubtedly fail, leaving our already fragile economy in a more precarious state.”

He said the bill was so severe in nature, it forced former Prime Minister and Leader of the FNM Hubert Ingraham to speak out against it.

Mr Ingraham criticised most of the bill’s key provisions in an interview with The Tribune on Monday. Mr Ingraham said tradeoffs for Bahamians are not clear and the bill represents a piecemeal approach to changing longstanding immigration policies when a more comprehensive, bipartisan approach would be useful.

“Rather than the same old outdated, and FDI-reliant policies, the Bahamas must implement country first, SME focused economic model which strengthens small and medium size Bahamian enterprises,” Mr Mortimer insisted.

“This is the kind of policy that has proven to be the growth engine of every strong economy.

“The DNA has long advocated policies which provide incentives for such entities including a significant reduction in the cost of capital, and an overhaul of the currently regressive business licence structure to a flat rate structure which allows business to keep more of the money they earn.

“Coupled with plans to drive down the cost of energy and improve the ease of doing business such policies would quickly usher in an era of economic prosperity for all Bahamians,” Mr Mortimer continued.

He also claimed he was disappointed by the government’s insistence in the face of the bill’s opposition, claiming the government is pursuing the same visionless course of action which has stagnated economic growth in this country for years.

Mr Mortimer furthered: “Equally disappointing, has been the reaction of the Official Opposition who, after failing in five years to stimulate any real economic growth, is now filled with righteous indignation and are threatening to repeal the bill if returned to office.”

Mr Mortimer asserted that in the face of the PLP’s dismal record on the economy during its 2012-2017 tenure as government, PLP Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis’ threats now “ring hollow” and stand “eerily reminiscent” of the empty threats waged by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis on Baha Mar while in opposition.

“Bahamians no doubt found it curious to hear the finance minister condemn the assertion of a repeal as unfortunate, dangerous and harmful to investor confidence when the leader of his own party just months ago threatened to execute a ‘real sale’ of the largest investment in the country.

“Where was Mr Turnquest’s rebuke of those statements then, where was his outrage?

“The DNA admonishes both the government and opposition to abandon this exercise in political grandstanding and work together, putting country and Bahamians first, to find real dynamic solutions to pull the country out of the economic doldrums,” Wednesday’s statement concluded.

Debate on the bill begins in the Senate on Monday.


birdiestrachan 1 year ago

He is correct the bill will not benefit the Bahamas or its people. They say it is designed for Grand Bahama and they will buy cars, bonded of course. and they will go to restaurants big deal. The Bahamians will be on the outside looking in..


licks2 1 year ago

Now Mr. Mortimer will stop playing petty dumb politics. . .hell he got birdie backing what he said. . .that's enough to make anybody stop. . .drop. . .and roll and rethink their position! Lol!!


TalRussell 1 year ago

Comrade Licks2, don't you think Minnis and KP as the lead red shirts actors done already been proven to be fakers at whatever was promised back during their 2017 general election campaign? No need no investigation into whether or not the natives knows their chances at better opportunities done stop. . .dropped. . .and they're being prepped be rolled to make room for thousands them $250,000 Expats business owners and their Expat work permit workers. No need rethink error was committed by the many thousands natives casting their ballots May 10, 2017.


licks2 1 year ago

Don't forget that you are talking to me there pal. . .bring me something with sense. But yet I do say that plenty of us are truly disappointed about May 10th, 2017. . .WE MISSED FOUR OF THE PLP GANG OF THIEVES AND ROBBERS THEM. . .W WANTED TO TAKE OUT ALL OF THEM FOREVER. . .BUT IT IS GOOD THAT WE DID NOT GET ALL OF YOU ALL. . .WE DO NEED A "LIL" OPPOSITION FOR THIS HOA TO WORK! Lol!!


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

Has Mortimer cleaned up his slum theatre joint yet???????? ........ smt


licks2 1 year ago

I never thought that I would miss Bran in politics. . .I am sure Mr. Moretimer may be good at running his companies.. .but he is poor at politics! Maybe he will get better as he go along. . .like doc. . .but now he needs to chill with that long-gone style of "rappin" on others with all kind of stupid stuff!


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