Branville Mccartney To Step Down As Dna Leader

DNA Leader Branville McCartney.

DNA Leader Branville McCartney.


Tribune Staff Reporter


BRANVILLE McCartney will officially step down as leader of the Democratic National Alliance on October 24th. “I am not good for the party,” he told The Tribune on Friday.

Though the decision to resign is a "difficult one," he would not rule out a future return to frontline politics, saying: "Never say never”.

DNA's Deputy Leader Christopher Mortimer will become the party's interim leader and a new deputy leader will be elected at the special October 24th meeting.

The DNA won fewer votes in the May 10th general election than it did in 2012, a fact that weighed on Mr McCartney. He believes the election results were as much an outright rejection of the DNA under his leadership as it was a simple reflection of the powerful two-party dynamics in the country that gives little space to third parties.

"No doubt dynamics of the two party system is very strong and alive," he said. "When we did our report, (pollsters) came back and said people just want to get rid of the PLP. Well, the bottom line is they wanted to get rid of the FNM in the previous election and they brought back the PLP; now they wanted to get rid of the PLP, but they went back to the FNM. I have a difficulty with that scenario in its entirety because if they really wanted to get rid of the PLP the DNA should have gotten some more votes. In this last election the PLP got more than 50,000 thousand votes and became the Official Opposition. Although they didn't get a lot of seats, they still have a significant base."

Mr McCartney believes his critics in rival parties succeeded in turning Bahamians against him.

"Other parties have done a good job politically of giving the impression that I’m someone I'm not," he said, "arrogant, self-centred, power-hungry. Obviously that is the minds of Bahamians and a lot of that had to do with the party not succeeding in my mind. It's a difficult position to take, but it's a necessary one."

"At this stage, there has been a rejection of me as leader of the DNA. I have to accept that. I think leading the party, I don't think would be good at this stage in light of the recent election."

Mr McCartney said he won't take any formal role in the DNA, but will take "a backseat in the party."

"I would assume the leader of the party will take on more of that visible role but I'm always here to comment and speak on and hopefully offer whatever assistance necessary for the betterment of the country. I want to see a good country and our Bahamian people safe and successful and prosperous."

On re-entering frontline politics in the future, he said: "Never say never. We've seen why people should never say never but at this stage I'm taking a backseat. I've been the leader of the party for the past two elections. I've not been successful in the sense of a victory. We lost more ground, or more support in this election and as a leader the buck stops with me and I take full responsibility. I've done what I can at this stage and I have no doubt that Chris Mortimer will move the party further."

"Of course this is a difficult decision," he said of the personal impact of his resignation. "It's very difficult. It's not a decision I thought I would be making but I think the results of the election dictates that this was the right thing to do."

In 2010, Mr McCartney resigned as State Minister of Immigration in the Ingraham Administration, saying that the "current political system (was) headed in the wrong direction."

In March 2011 he resigned from the FNM and took steps to form the DNA.

The DNA received more than 13,000 votes in the 2012 election. This year the party received 7,537 votes.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 1 month ago

Maybe a good decision for Bran ...... he can do more as a private citizen/businessman in this present climate ......... As for the DNA, they will go the way of the CDR and others....... It will be hard for a second party come 2022, much less a third party. This country needs a stable, honest, transformative government for at least ONE decade - like the FNM in 1992-2002.


Well_mudda_take_sic 2 years, 1 month ago

You have a short memory my friend. Hubert Ingraham only gave the Bahamian people one good five-year term; his first term: 1992-97. After that he became consumed by retaining political power at any expense of our country and its people. There is after all a reason why so many individuals of Haitian heritage in our country still refer to him as "Papa". As a politician Ingraham exemplified the saying that "absolute power corrupts absolutely." His legacy is not a good one and many of us are thankful he now seems to be completely irrelevant to frontline politics in our country today.


viewersmatters 2 years, 1 month ago

I respect Mr. Mccartney for doing the honorable thing, its sad that it took him two failed elections to finally noticing that the mast majority of the people doesn't want him.


Reality_Check 2 years, 1 month ago

Bran was never an astute politician. For him it was all about Bran and the people all too easily sensed that. Also Bran's ties to Sebas Bastian's real estate development activities no doubt turned many Bahamians off.


ThisIsOurs 2 years, 1 month ago

Would be an interesting exercise to ask each govt minister whether they or any of the companies they, their family or business partners own or have beneficial interests in have any business ties to any webshop operation or it's subsidiaries, whether they have any outstanding loans with the webshops. One bright young star and some old dinosaurs would all be found to be in the mix. Their strategy is clear. BUY EVERYBODY.


screwedbahamian 2 years, 1 month ago

It Becoming more and more apparent that the Bahamian electorate distrust politician Lawyers. They tend to show arrogance and disrespect for the people are self centered and corrupt to the highest degree when given the chance to govern. News Flash, stay in your robes and wigs at the courts.


TalRussell 2 years, 1 month ago

Comrades! Bran never could benefit from what he should’ve learned most from enjoying a front row observation seat to Papa Hubert’s so predictable downfall…. How not to get your political ass kicked so badly in a General Election.

It’s a case like Bran never had a “Plan B” after putting together the worthy of mention assets of the 2012 General Election. Bran blew an amazing gift horse political opportunity. Like really!
You can’t keep sitting behind your Village Road office desk for the entire General Election's gap of Five-years - writing inconsistent, ill thought out party press releases - whilst having not a clue about how the serious and long-term game “retail politics" must be played.
Bran had be a Capital Ass to have blown whatever credibility he had - when he aligned himself, and the DNA, alongside Long Island’s “Reheasa’s” forever doomed for certain failure leadership. A politic blunder that will be hard for any politician to match.


CatIslandBoy 2 years, 1 month ago

Bran was never a true politician. He could have possibly been the Prime Minister today, only if he could have humbled himself and shown a little more respect for his political elders (e.g disrespecting Ingraham and picking an unnecessary fight with Edison Key). His head became a little swollen as Minister of State for Immigration, and he thought he knew more than his bosses (maybe he did). Finally, accepting a Senate appointment from Butler-Turner showed extremely poor judgement and only sought to highlight his political shortcomings.


banker 2 years, 1 month ago

I knew that Bran was a lightweight when I saw him speak on the economy several years back. He was a parrot for "the eye doctor" - Dr. Jon Rodgers who fancies himself as a businessman and economist and is neither. At the time Bran was mouthing words that he didn't understand, put into his mouth by the doctor while he stood by and pulled the strings of the puppet. It was an exercise in pure farce. It was when I realised that Bran is a lightweight.


John 2 years, 1 month ago

When a hurricane hits, it usually does damage to the ones least prepared, even though, in some instances, property that seem to be most secured, received the most damage. And so it was with the DNA when the giant hurricane force of Bahamian voters decided that it was time for the PLP to go and , fortunately or unfortunately, the DNA was too, washed away in the tidal surge that wiped the PLP off the political map, at least for now, leaving them only as a fragmented opposition, in shell shock, with no clear direction if any and so embarrassed of the revelations of themselves as a party that governed the Bahamas and led Bahamians into a deep, DEEP abyss of financial financial mismanagement and corruption, even the most strong and die- hard PLP was left with their mouths drooping to their knees, their hands trembling with anger and restraint and their hearts. except for the grace of God, threatening to fail them. OK so yes that is a long sentence. And yes it was by design. (i too have an ego that needs to be fed). Take a deep breath then, inhale and then exhale, relax and use your 20/20 vision (political or otherwise) to see what is still seething still in the the sooth of Election 2017. So Branville has decided to throw in the towel of politics that has been twice bloodied by the overwhelming rejection of the PLP electorate. Some say he was too eloquent (and light skinned) for the PLP and too arrogant, yet charming, for the FNM. So they gave Bran the middle finger and told him in not diplomatic, but clearly Donalt Trump's political language, "CYA." Its not and easy road, and even after Hillary "superpreadtor" Clinton took an even more harsh whipping than Bran, seems still determined to carry on the fight, seeking every opportunity to poke holes in the Trump presidency, still seems willing to carry on the fight and stand up against Trump.. Is Branville looking for sympathy and a warm hearted person to say stay and 'carry on my brother? Despite the high electricity bills and the constant and frequent power outages and interruptions, Bahamians still know how to keep their hearts cold.


TheMadHatter 2 years, 1 month ago

Bran has shown wisdom here. The only ones who lost the 2017 election were the PLP and the Bshamian people. They rejected the DNA's vision.


athlete12 2 years, 1 month ago

The Bahamian people lost here and I associate with none of the parties. The Bahamian people keep playing this back and forth as the country dies. It’s like the US. Democrats n Republicans have built a trillion dollar debt and Americans still puts them office. Definition of insanity


bogart 2 years, 1 month ago

Thank you for your service..

Creating a political pressure group broadens the base of democracy. Different views are needed particularly in these times where you yourself claim that the two other parties are the same coin.

Bahamians are suffering more than before where VAT has extracted minimum 7.5% from earnings and the poor being the majority are csrrying the load. Persons are being let go, homes requiring hurricane repairs program has stopped, free health insurance cannot continue, 90%debt service ratio to GDP is critical, education bill is $300,000,000 on the Bahamian citizens to educate 60,000 students works out to be $5,000 per year or $1,666 per student per term...more than private school fees,, illegals continuing to invade our Bahamad where Haitian creole is now a second language. 5,000 plus illegals have to be given a jet plane ride back while Bahamians have to be taxed to pay.

From your lessons you should learn, the road for every single leader incl our present PM was never easy. Learn from the comments and hang in there for the sake of broadening democracy. While I may not like what you may say I will fight for you to have that right. All hands on deck needed at this time.


ThisIsOurs 2 years, 1 month ago

His motivation was wrong. It was never to help the Bahamas, it was solely to hurt Hubert Ingraham, no good could come out of that #twograves. But perhaps he can take solace in the fact that he did hurt Ingraham's hopes of reelection. Now the country is saddled with 700m deficit, seedy scandal upon seedy scandal and crumbling infrastructure neglected for five years while persons looked after their personal wealth . The DNA accomplished a lot.


TalRussell 2 years, 1 month ago

Comrade ThisIsOurs, you did say's - call it out spite?
Isn't it just like William Arthur Branville McCartney, or now you can just call him - "Private Citizen" Bran - to wants return something he amused oneself with unsuccessfully - ever since just before the 2012 General Elections bell got's rungs by Papa Hubert.
{ You can't make this up }.

  • Bran - the former Ringmaster of the DNA - now wants return a Green Jacket out of spite -



SP 2 years, 1 month ago

BRANVILLE McCartney is obviously still suffering post-traumatic stress disorder after a crushing defeat at the polls.

If he truly believes "the election results were as much an outright rejection of the DNA under his leadership as it was a simple reflection of the powerful two-party dynamics in the country that gives little space to third parties", then he is hopelessly lost and still totally out of touch with the electorate.

The DNA lost relevance when the electorate discovered by Branville's actions and refusal to "listen to his supporters" that he was another pig-headed dictator as Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie by being totally unreasonable in negotiations with then Dr. Minnis to form a coalition. This, coupled with the awfully disastrous advice Bran followed to join Loretta Butler and the FNM oligarchy in an asinine coup attempt to destroy Dr. Minnis led to the demise of the DNA.

That being said, Branville McCartney is to be highly congratulated for his efforts in forming, leading the DNA and the hard work it took to take the party to an impressive campaign in 2012 which was way ahead in all the polls 2 months prior to the election, but was mainly derailed when the PLP came up with the "we believe in Bahamians" and "Bahamians first" campaign slogans.

Contrary to Bran's thoughts that "the powerful two-party dynamics in the country that gives little space to third parties", PM Sheriff Minnis proved without any doubt the country was in dire thirst for a third party, which this NEW FNM administration actually is!

The DNA is now in a perfect position to contest 2022 with all newcomers, as nobody with sense is willing to take a chance going backward with the PLP after the stunt they pulled regurgitating PLP rejects AFTER winning 2012 elections.

Branville McCartney remains very useful to the DNA. Taking a back seat in the party is where he belongs.


TalRussell 2 years, 1 month ago

Comrade SP, you does raise some interesting points but isn't it more the case of Bran, - not quite connecting emotionally warmly and cozy with the electorate?
Who in heels knows if just maybe - had only there not been that so badly orchestrated Bran shuffle dance with dance partner - Long Island's 'Reheasa" - just maybe, Bran, could've had a real shot at being a political Champion... but we'll never know... or so I thinks?
I thinks that when you're feeling all politically lazy - why not just do what Bran did - resign and get hell out - whilst you still got's possession of your dignity. But Bran did at least try make a difference for his beloved Bahamaland!


Sickened 2 years, 1 month ago

The DNA certainly have a chance of becoming the official opposition in the next general election. I REALLY hope that they stay the course and downgrade the PLP to junk status.


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