Call For Funding For Women's Shelter


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KHANDI Gibson, president of Families of All Murders Victims, is asking members of the community to assist the organization with funding for a women's shelter that currently holds 21 women and children who were victims of abuse.

In an interview with The Tribune, Ms Gibson said she feels obligated to assist persons who had family members murdered after losing her two brothers to gun violence.

She recently opened her headquarters off Farrington Road, where she offers clothing, baby items, food and toiletries free of charge.

"We give things to residents free of charge, we provide office clothing for persons. You would be surprised how many persons do not have the right clothing to go on interviews. We help persons fill out applications for jobs. We help with resumés," she said.

"We have a free online shopping page. If you go to that page and you see something you want, you hit ‘like’ and you send a message to my inbox, you come here and bring an ID and you can get whatever you want for free. It could be a fridge, a stove, a microwave, a laptop whatever we have you can have. We give it free and I am impressed by the young men who come with their girlfriends and they get baby items. That's a young man that didn't have to rob anyone. He came to us. I am trying to do my part. I get this stuff from my Facebook friends and people from the community. The clothes are coming in good, but we need groceries and we need funding.

“We need persons to partnership with FOAM. We have a female shelter and we have 21 residents consisting of mothers and children. It's a shelter for persons going through hardships and don't have anyone to go. We need persons to help us, these things take money to run."

Ms Gibson said she currently has a house but needs assistance paying the light bill and the rent for the women and children.

"They were living there without furniture and light because they were desperate," she said.

"I scrapped some money and I got the light and the water turned on and then I got the roof fixed because it was leaking. I was able to get mattresses and beds and a stove and pots but we still need more. We are doing our part but FOAM has no funding. So we need persons right now who are upset about the crime to assist these victims

“ I am asking all mothers to help these other mothers. Reach out, let's come and help. Let's stand in the gap."


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