Medical Centre Relaunches With Specialist Providers

The MedNet Group of Companies, headed by Dr Charles Diggiss, has re-launched the Centreville Medical Centre (CMC) at the corner of Collins Avenue and Sixth Terrace.

Services available include The Women's Specialist Medical Centre; Ritecare Clinics for primary care and wound care/ treatment centre; Comprehensive Medical Associates, internal medicine specialists; Gastrocare; The Surgicentre for operating theatres; The Surgical Suite, featuring Riteweigh and multiple specialist surgeons; Femina Health; Pediatric Surgery Bahamas; Urology Care Bahamas; Kairos Eagle Clinical Pastoral Counselling; an an executive meeting room and conference facility

Dr Diggiss said: "The re-launch is intended to highlight the return of Centreville Medical Centre as a leading, modern healthcare facility in Nassau. This upgraded centre provides 'the cutting edge' of what is available in out-patient specialty care for all who view this location as their choice for quite a scope of healthcare services."

The re-launch took place on Wednesday, October 4, and Dr Diggiss added: "We are especially proud of the broad scope of highly-regarded specialists whom we have been able to attract to provide their services from CMC."

The specialists include: Dr James Iferenta, Ritecare Clinics; Dr Margo Munroe and Dr Darbrielle Hunt-Burrows, Comprehensive Medical Associates; Dr Marcus Cooper, Gastrocare Bahamas; Dr Lorne Charles, The Women's Specialist Medical Centre.

Other specialist doctors are Dr Theodore Ferguson, Dr Nina Graham; Dr G. Ashaini Knowles; Dr Charles Diggiss; Dr Ross Downes; and Dr Greggory Pinto. Dr Livingston R. Malcolm will provide pastoral counselling.

Dr Diggiss added: "I was delighted to have been a part of the original development of Centreville Medical Centre back in the 1990s, and I now feel that a restored Centreville Medical Centre will be again a major participant in providing healthcare services in our country."

Centreville Medical Centre will provide a blend of primary care and specialist services, and offer them to patients in both the private and public sector.


TalRussell 1 year, 9 months ago

Comrades! When will we get around to addressing that such clinics are beyond the affordability reach the majority of the population? It's not all smiles when you think what it going cost the poor and near poor, per clinic visit?


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