Bpl Makes Provision For Renewable Funding


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BAHAMAS Power & Light (BPL) has set aside financing to incorporate renewables into its energy generation mix, its newly-appointed chief executive said yesterday.

Whitney Heastie, Grand Bahama Power Company’s former generation vice-president, who has swapped his BPL Board director post for a role in management, said: “As it relates to renewables, the Board of Directors - with the business plan that was previously put together - has looked at the implementation of renewables.

“We realise that renewables is the path to the future, and we have in our capital planning set aside funds to implement renewables.”

Mr Heastie added: “When we talk about the generation that is going to be forthcoming in New Providence, we are looking at the opportunity to make sure that the generation is clean and green.

“As we move outside of New Providence we are looking at Abaco to make sure we can bring gas (LNG) to Abaco, or whether it be down in Ragged Island, which the Prime Minister has stated he wants to make a green island.”

Mr Heastie, speaking at a BPL press conference yesterday afternoon, also confirmed to Tribune Business that the utility monopoly has issued a tender seeking bids for the five-year supply of 80 Mega Watt (MW) temporary rental generation units.

He said: “The current RFP (Request for Proposal) speaks to generation for up to five years. One of the things the Board is interested in is that we do need to shore up long-term generation.

“Depending on how the RFPs are positioned back to us, we will look at those RFPs and make a determination on whether or not that is something we want beyond five years or permanent generation. We will be looking at it beyond five years.”


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