Bahamas Striping Steals The Spotlight


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A LOCAL striping company has snagged the cover of Sustainable Business Magazine, a UK based publication which focuses on ways in which companies meet 21st century challenges, roll out new initiatives and cutting edge projects all the while operating within an environmentally, social and economically positive framework.

"It gives us a great sense of pride to come from such a humble beginning, overcome the challenges we had to endure these seven years and to have a European based magazine feature us as a progressive Bahamian company on its cover, it fills us with pride not only as owners but as Bahamians," said Dominic Sturrup, senior vice president of business development at Bahamas Striping Group of Companies located on Abundant Life Road.

"It shows that if you work hard, execute at international standard, be consistent, then anything is possible."

The unsolicited profile piece on the local company consumed 12 of the magazine's 48 pages, not including the cover.

Although Bahamas Striping made its debut in the magazine last year, it came as quite a surprise when they were approached by the publication earlier this year.

"The magazine is one of the few dedicated to sustainable business activities. Essentially, what they do is look across the spectrum of the globe for companies that have implemented economic, social and environmentally sustainable strategies," said managing director Dr Allen Albury.

"They thoroughly examine a company's online presence and reach out to key individuals within the industry to gain an understanding of who you are as a company, prior to approaching the business they seek to spotlight. We weren't contacted until after they completed their research and met the criteria."

In its seven years of existence Bahamas Striping, a full-service road and airport maintenance company, has grown from a $5,000 start-up to a multilayered Group of companies.

Within its group of companies is Airport Maintenance Services specialising in all aspects of aerodrome maintenance services at world-class standards; Caribbean Pavement Solutions, a regional distributor for asphalt rejuvenation; Bahamas Themed Photography, a company specialising in high-end digital imaging services; Abaco Caribbean Holdings and Atillio Holdings, a property investment, management and development subsidiary.

BSGC believes this latest exposure will help to catapult the company to the next level.

"This serves to further heighten our profile outside The Bahamas. We are not just a Bahamian company promoting ourselves. A trusted source of information, the magazine acts as a vetting process," said BSGC's president, Atario Mitchell.

"Those in the public and private sector elsewhere are able to see we are able and capable of completing work to an international standard and here's a well-regarded magazine substantiating our claim."

As to what's next for the company, Mr Sturrup reported that executives are hoping to have BSGC's cold patch plant up and running.

The company is also hoping government will get the ball rolling on upgrading its road and highway infrastructure throughout the Family Islands.


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