Woman At The Well: ‘New Souls Won For God’


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Lives were transformed and new souls were won for God, according to the testimonies of the more than 300 Bahamians who attended this year’s ‘Woman at the Well’ conference.

Hosted by Fresh Fire Outreach Ministries, the four-day event kicked off last Friday at the Southland Church of God. Some 30 churches participated.

Fresh Fire founder Felicia Archer told Tribune Religion that she believes the conference’s theme, ‘The Battle Within’, was well displayed and that the event was her most successful yet.

“The event each night last week opened up in a powerful time of intercession led by various intercessors volunteering their time, talent and resources. God has exceeded my expectations. People have not only left the well changed and transformed, but also refreshed, restored and revived.

“Again, over 300 men and women throughout the Bahamas attended the conference, and many are reporting that they have never attended such a real and life changing-conference,” said Minister Archer.

One guest shared her personal testimony at the conference:

“I can only speak for myself and say that I know that I will never be the same again. I’m still basking in His glory that fell in the house and I know that He is not finished helping me to see and understand just what happened with me during this time.

“I just want to bless and thank God for the day He allowed our paths to cross. I am not one that you see every day or even often but know that I thank God for you (Minister Archer) and your ministry often. May God continue to allow you to go deeper as He stretches you wider. Many people have been reporting of receiving healing both physically and emotionally. Many people have also received their breakthroughs and deliverance.”

Minister Archer said each speaker at the event delivered powerful messages.

Dorothy McPhee, for example, shared a testimony on becoming pregnant at the age of 15.

Bishop Helen McPhee elaborated on the event’s theme and delivered a comforting word, reminding conference-goers that even though they may have their battles and sometimes wonder if God has abandoned them, they should always keep in mind that He still cares.

Other highlights included a nightly worship session the ‘Woman at the Well’ combined praise and dance teams, and a performance by Gospel singer Jonathan Farrington.

“On our opening night, 12 souls were won for the kingdom of God. This isn’t just an event but a mandate from God, so as long as I live and He commissions me to gather His people together, I will endeavour to do so in a spirit of excellence. I am also motivated by people each year that have been impacted by the conference,” said Minister Archer.

But the Fresh Fire founder said she will not rest on her laurels.

“We are preparing to launch a mentoring programme in October where we will mentor 25 ladies for six weeks. I am excited about what the Lord will do. A youth event is also on the agenda.”


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