Plenty Of Fuel - So No Need To Panic, Say Suppliers

THE local distributors of Esso and Shell branded gasoline have assured residents they are and will be adequately supplied with fuel during Hurricane Irma’s passage over the Bahamas.

SOL Petroleum Bahamas Ltd, exclusive licenced distributor of Esso brand fuels in the Bahamas, has assured its retail service station and commercial customers in New Providence and the Family Islands that it has multiple contingencies in place to respond to potential impacts from Hurricane Irma.

The company said Sol is now, and will be, adequately supplied throughout the duration of the storm’s passage. A statement from the company said persons should follow its Facebook for daily updates until the threat has passed.

Meanwhile Sun Oil Limited, the Shell licensee for the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands, said its Clifton Pier terminal is “well-stocked with over 45 days’ worth of fuel inventory on hand” for customers’ needs.

“Our facilities have undergone additional strengthening in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, reinforcing our capacity to resume fuel import and distribution operations immediately after the passage of the storm,” the company said on Tuesday.

“We have observed and interpreted increased activity at our service station sites as signs that customers have begun their preparations for Hurricane Irma. As you do so, we encourage you to act responsibly and safely. Fuel should only be dispensed from the service stations into your vehicle’s fuel tank or approved fuel storage containers. Gasoline and diesel are highly flammable liquids.

“The risk of fire or explosion is very high when these products are stored indoors where there are many ignition sources and is further amplified if the fuel is stored in containers not designed for this purpose.”


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