Reckless Powerboats And Missing Police

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WESTERN promenade, midday Monday, September 4th... shocked to hear and see a red powerboat speeding and making sharp moves in Nassau Harbour realising to my knowledge there is a very low speed limit for any type of water craft.

Has the speed limit been raised and no one knows or as usual we do what we like until there is an accident, injuries and deaths?

Where are the Harbour Police? The Police Station opposite Junkanoo beach surely sees and hears this boat or are they fast asleep on their job?

Once on this the restriction is for the full extent of Nassau Harbour easterly and westerly.

Blow me down, sorry for the pun but suddenly there is a CAT, level in the Simpson Satire scale. You know Radio Talk Show Hosts must be punished and brought to heel when they talk total garbage. URCA what do you do?

DG Tourism... we will guarantee our visitors flights out of the country if they feel threatened from hurricane Irma - good for her she seemingly has resolved all our national problems with Bahamasair! Fools talk that is all that is. Once the wind speed gets to 40mph LPIA will close...

Car wrecks being imported from Florida - thought these were banned years ago? What is the story?

Road Traffic, Ft Charlotte/Clifford park - now that’s one contract someone needs to check. They created a parking lot with enough floodlights to have major US basketball! What was the cost of that contract, Hon Glenys Hanna Martin? Stainless steel light poles going to bed!



September 4, 2017.


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