Time For Jobs, Dr Minnis

EDITOR, The Tribune.

CONTROLLING corruption does not create jobs and jobs-jobs-jobs is what the people who want jobs want to hear - where are they, Mr Minnis?

The Pointe Hotel - a US$250m development (hate the design mind you ugly clashes with the colonial style of the BC) however if this was started 300+ construction workers get work.

Okay, Mr Minister of Works - no corners taken; no waivers but get the approvals completed - Christie and them told us this project was shovel ready wasn’t it?

Work at Baha Mar will soon be complete - China State wants to take their workers from there to the BC add 300 Bahamians and everyone happy which we have not been since May 11th.

Zhivago Laing on his radio show implied the new Carnival Cruise Port in East GB is not approved - GB is screaming for jobs - get the approvals completed unless the Minnis Government wants to stall this one also?

Government had better consult with Jamaica on Falmouth Port NCL built and the economic effect on the taxi and tour business sector. The proposed Port will have its own retail, restaurants and activities so why do the cruise passengers have to leave the compound? Everything is there!

Jobs, Mr Prime Minister, Jobs, Jobs.. Jobs only they put food on the table and bring some smiles, please!



September 4, 2017.


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