Sunryse Support For Sickle Cell Group

THE Bahamas Sickle Cell Association received a financial boost thanks to a recent donation from Sunryse Information Management. The $3,000 contribution will assist the local non-profit group in its ongoing efforts to raise awareness and provide hope and support to persons in The Bahamas living with the illness.

Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder that affects red blood cells. There are several types of sickle cell disease with the most common forms being Sickle Cell Anemia (SS) and Sickle-Hemoglobin C (SC).

Each September, the Bahamas Sickle Cell Association organises events to educate the public on the seriousness of the illness. Recognising the important role the association plays in assisting families coping with sickle cell disease, Sunryse Information Management made the donation to support the group’s 2017-2018 initiatives.

Nadine Sawyer, chief financial officer at Sunryse, said they are pleased to partner with the association. In addition to the financial donation, the document management company has adopted the non-profit group as its official charity. To help increase awareness, Sunryse staff will wear t-shirts branded with the Bahamas Sickle Cell Association logo every Friday in September.

“We are happy to donate to the Bahamas Sickle Cell Association. It is a cause that is close to our hearts and we appreciate the work that the association does and the positive impact it has in our community,” Mrs Sawyer said. “As a company, we are committed to supporting the group not only during the global awareness month in September but throughout the calendar year.”

This month, the Bahamas Sickle Cell Association will hold a series of activities geared towards education, support and awareness including fun, run walks in New Providence and Grand Bahama, an educational forum and a mini fair and raffle in New Providence. To learn more about the association, visit http://www.bahamassicklecell.org.


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