Bpl Manager Vows To Fight Sacking


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ANOTHER senior manager at Bahamas Power and Light has been terminated, The Tribune can confirm.

According to sources close to the matter, former president of the Bahamas Electrical Utility Managerial Union and former manager of the Credit and Collections Department Irvin Dean was fired “without cause” last Friday.

The termination came one day after Mr Dean celebrated his 30th anniversary at the company, formerly called the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.

Last Thursday in an interview with the press, BPL Chairwoman Darnell Osborne confirmed that “at least one more person” would be terminated in connection with a probe into a $2m theft at the utility provider.

“We are almost to the end of that (investigation). I believe that there is one last person in the process and that should be done by the end of the week,” Mrs Osbourne said in an interview with TV station Our News.

Mr Dean was fired the next day, however it is unclear whether his termination is related to the missing funds investigation.

Three employees of BPL were terminated in August following a forensic audit at the company.

The workers include an accounts payable clerk, an accounts filing clerk and a financial assistant.

BPL’s new board has also fired Pamela Hill, the company’s former CEO.

When contacted yesterday, Ms Osborne said she had “no comment” on the termination. The Tribune also attempted to contact Mr Dean but calls were not returned up to press time.

However, a source close to the matter said “Mr Dean is not taking this foolishness sitting down.”

“He was let go one day after celebrating 30 years on the job without a reason, without cause,” the source said.

“When he got to work on Friday, a representative from the Human Resources Department was waiting on him with the letter of termination.

“They just fired him and didn’t give him any reason, they just didn’t want him there anymore,” the source claimed. “I think they are trying to make it seem as though the termination was connected to the (investigation) but they have been trying to fire him for some time because of his former affiliation with the union. The problem they are going to encounter is, you just cannot fire a senior person without cause. So this is going to get interesting.”

Police in May announced that an investigation was launched into the alleged theft of a large amount of money at BPL.

Both the government and the BPL board have received copies of an audit conducted by Ernst and Young into the discovery of a five-month long scheme, which involved fraudulent cheques paid out to different vendors from December 16, 2016 to May 9.

Ms Osbourne confirmed last month that more than $2m was missing as a result of the scheme.

She said the company takes the matter surrounding the missing funds very seriously and intends to “go through the necessary channels” to reclaim all money lost, adding that BPL will “follow up” with police to “ensure justice and guard against similar actions in the future.”


realfreethinker 12 months ago

Hey "source close to the matter" our laws allows for anyone to be fired for no specific reason,as long as you are paid what is owed > ihope he doesn't waste his money on Munroe or Gomez,filing a lawsuit. He will not win


JohnDoe 12 months ago

But does that make it right?


realfreethinker 12 months ago

It's not about right or wrong. The law allows for it. i have been a victim of the same thing.I realize the job is not an entitlement.


Craig 12 months ago

People are fired all the time in the private sector, some senior and others not so senior. Thats how business works and ought to work. If someone is deemed to either not be needed or undesirable then they should be let sooner than later. This issue has always been a problem with gov corporations and departments. No one seemingly can get fired, no matter how egregious the offence


BMW 12 months ago

Craig it is called a sense of entitlement ,sad but true.


Socrates 12 months ago

u would be surprised at the number of bahamians, mostly union people, who believe the employer needs to justify a termination. as a writer has already correctly stated, by law no reason is required. it may be the employer us just tired of seeing your face or hearing your name . the only obligation is to pay you accordingly what is required. so it goes...


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