Meditation - Making It All Worthwhile

By Rev Angela C Bosfield Palacious

There are many people who are lonely, hurting, angry and afraid. They have little hope, peace or joy. Are you one of them? None of us is exempt from trials and tribulation the Bible tells us, and yet it is a hard thing to suffer justly and even more so when it is unjustly.

As Christians who celebrate the unconditional love of God, the saving grace of the cross, a resurrected Lord and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, we have so much to be grateful for and to lift our spirits. What do you consider a blessing in your life? If you were to write a list of your current blessings, what would you put on the list? Do you speak about them to inspire others to do the same, or do you spend most of your time complaining?

Begin with the simple things that you may take for granted, such as running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, car, daily food. Think of some of the little extras that make you feel relaxed, for example, tea in a china cup, scented candles, a mug of cocoa, soft music and bigger items such as a comfortable recliner, a television, a telephone, or a computer. In another culture or to a person who is destitute, such things we consider essential are impossible dreams for them.

Moving to a deeper level, consider the relationships that you have to treasure while they exist. Which of the following apply to you?

  1. Loyal friends who are supportive and confidential

  2. Committed spouse who is faithful, affectionate, sensitive and approachable

  3. Attentive children who are respectful and willing to cooperate for the most part

  4. Independent parents who are enjoying their later years and give excellent advice when consulted

  5. Caring colleagues who work as a team so that together you are efficient and effective

  6. Dedicated church members who are welcoming and who make it a joy to worship and work for the Lord

  7. Kind neighbours who are thoughtful and responsible, quiet and yet friendly

  8. Gracious care-givers who assist with infirm parents or young children who are reliable and trustworthy

  9. Casual acquaintances who are courteous and pleasant, willing to assist wherever possible.

After you identify any of these key persons in your life, reflect on who could truthfully consider you as meeting the criteria outlined for each of the above categories. How much of a blessing are you to them? Then ponder the following questions in order to acknowledge their contributions and your response: What do they do for/with me? What do I do for/with them? How grateful am I for their presence in my life? How can I show more appreciation?

If you want to improve your engagement in meaningful ministry in order to put your faith into action, determine your position on the role that you play in building up the church and the country: What are my spiritual gifts? How am I involved in the Church? How am I involved in the community? Should I be doing more or less? Is God leading me to a new ministry or affirming me where I am?

Making it all worthwhile starts with the deep desire to love:

  1. Loving God (with all your heart) and living a life of spiritual discipline, moral principles, following the Lord Jesus' example, and submitting to the empowerment of the Holy Spirit

  2. Loving others with compassion, kindness, generosity and warm hospitality while being transparent, honest and open.

  3. Loving ourselves by finding balance in eating nutritiously and on time, resting and sleeping adequately, making time for relationships, enjoying the fact that we are alive.

Why not write a pledge of promise to God for future attitudes and actions, share it with a confidential person as soon as possible to assist with accountability, determine your first step, make a plan, and execute it faithfully, and remember that our Lord promises to be with you always. It will truly be worthwhile.


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