Suicide Suspected As Crew Member Dies On Boat In Bimini


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE death of a New Zealand native on board a vessel in Bimini is being investigated as a “sudden death/suspected suicide” by police.

In a press release yesterday, police described the victim as a Caucasian male who was a crew member on a cruise vessel named “Constance”.

Shortly after 10am Tuesday, police in Bimini were called to the 200ft vessel that was a moored half a mile northwest of North Bimini.

The vessel arrived in Bimini on Saturday, April 21 from Miami.

Upon arrival on the vessel officers “were shown to the second deck where they met the body of a Caucasian male who is a native of New Zealand, lying on the floor, with wounds to his left wrist,” the press release stated.

He was pronounced dead by a doctor at the Bimini Community Clinic, police said.

Officers from Grand Bahama are assisting police in Bimini with the investigation.


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