Lng Plans

EDITOR, The Tribune.

LNG - am shocked that PM Minnis will endorse this fuel for BP&L without absolutely any investigation or studies but then today we expect ignorance as the mantra of this Government.

I can see why The BEST Commission was removed from its natural home of the Ministry of Environment - I have to suggest this transfer to OPM into the portfolio of the PM who told us all after May 12th, 2017, that he would not take on Ministerial portfolio but be the CEO of Cabinet. However, was this transfer by designed - specific and with intent as he knew Minister Ferreira’s position? Look at the Oban Energies decision and now the LNG decision for BP&L.

It is incredible after the past history of The Bahamas and LNG, remember the years concerning the proposal for Freeport that a Government naively closes its eyes and ears to the obvious.

Where is the EIA study for the impact of LNG?

Where is the Safety Study for the impact and potential danger of LNG to the immediate areas of Clifton - South Ocean - Albany, etc?

How much longer will Minister Romauld Ferreira stay as quiet as a church mouse? Once a champion for the Environment!



April 25, 2018.


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