The BEC shackles

EDITOR, The Tribune.

There is no doubt if there is a single economic shackle around all of our necks it has been BEC-BP&L high electricity bills.

We suffered through the past 20 years when global oil prices were sky high and a period where Government talked and basically did nothing except a lot of promises. Hundreds of millions paid for high cost Bunker C.

Under the Ingraham FNM, then BEC literally stopped maintaining the raging equipment at Clifton and resulting after the non-consecutive terms the consumers started to suffer and it got worse to where now after one lightening strike you expect BP&L to go into darkness!

September 2017 or thereabout there was a tender to replace the Aggreko diesel standbys - a simple deal to which many small local bidders took part but was this all a charade that the real intent of BP&L was to find a long term generation solution. A reference to the Electricity Act of 2015 establishes that pre-this process BP&L are required under law to obtain approval of URCA as the body that regulates BP&L - did they? Did they even apply? Did Shell Americas bid for the stand-by generator replacement?

Now we have out of the blue General Electric being talked about - did they participate in the September, 2017 Tender? How are they now being interjected and why and who represents GE? This is very Obanish!

Why would a Government consider a long term generation plan which could see us suffering again from high excessive fuel surcharges? The Electricity Act requires proposals have to consider alternative power sources. Did URCA comply with the law? The People want to know.



July 28, 2018.


Alex_Charles 4 years, 3 months ago

Sad reality is that we've had an energy crisis for 30 years. When it comes to power generation, we are a failed state. That Frank fella that was found guilty in the BEC bribery case should have faced a harsher sentence and been made to serve it. Regardless of health. The is a disgrace.

The black on our flag is not for the strength of the people, but the darkness you experience when living here. Truly pathetic.


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