Breaking Evil Cycles At This Year's Woman At The Well Conference


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Back for another instalment, this year's Woman At The Well conference is set to take place for three days at the Southland Church of God, starting August 29.

For the last five years, the conference's host and main speaker, Minister Felicia Archer, has presented the event under her growing brand, the Fresh Fire Outreach Ministries International. When asked about the motivation behind such persistence, she said she is simply obeying the call of God on her life.

"I believe this is important because I have to be obedient to the assignment and to the mandate of God. This for me is not just wanting to host a conference. This is me being obedient for what it is the Lord has commissioned me to do. Several years ago, when I made this commitment and rededicated my life to him, I said 'Father, whatever it is you want me to do, that I will do. Wherever you lead me, I will go, and whatever you want me to say I will say.' I know that I am young, but at the end of the day it is not about the age, it is about the mandate of God on a person's life. The Bible also said that a child shall lead them in," said Minister Archer.

She said is humbled to be chosen by God to lead a movement that many Bahamians are inspired by year after year. Minster Archer said people attending the conference this year can expect an an atmosphere of praise and worship and an environment of healing and redemption.

"Expectation is the breathing ground for miracles. So if you plan to attend the conference, come with expectation. If you didn't come to expect, then you won't receive anything, so come expecting the move of God," said Minister Archer.

Under the theme "Breaking The Cycle," the nightly event will feature speakers like Prophetess Dorothy McPhee, Bishop Neil C Ellis and Prophetess Jasmin Dareus.

"Every year for the conference I would normally seek the Lord on the theme, and last year's theme was 'The Battle Within' because a lot of the battles that we face are not necessarily external but internal. So with this year's theme one of the things the Lord revealed to me was that persons live their lives in a series of demonic cycles and sometimes we don't recognise it. But when we do recognise it, we ask how do I break the cycle," said Minister Archer.

To this end, organisers will specifically focus on deliverance from ungodly cycles, whether they concern poverty, addiction, or other vices and afflictions.

"Whatever that ungodly cycle, we are praying and believing that cycle can be broken through God. I believe that this is not an ordinary conference where you will come one way and leave the same way. I truly believe that God is calling the women of our nation together to unite and to have an encounter with Him at the well that will change your life," said Minister Archer.

For more information, e-mail at freshfireministries2010@gmail.com or call 525-6847.


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