'Step It Up' To Get Out Of Your Rut


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The New Image Ladies are calling on all Bahamian women who feel stuck in their lives to "Step it Up" at a workshop designed for those aged 20 to 30.

"Feeling stuck, tired? Want to do more?" The New Image Ladies workshop aims to provide a passionate and unique environment to reach out to women in a spiritual, economic, physical and social way.

"We are a non-denominational, non-profitable organisation on a mission to inspire, empower, coach, motivate and support ladies. This is done by hosting, organising or participating in workshops, seminars, conferences and retreats throughout the Bahamas," said Tanya Sweeting, founder of New Image Ladies.

The upcoming workshop, to take place on Saturday, August 25, will be held at the Youth Department of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Complex on Thompson Boulevard. It will include interactive sessions and question and answer periods. Speakers will be Pastor Dawn Clarke of Remnant Kingdom Apostolic Ministries, covering the topic "Me or You", and Ms Sweeting herself, on the topic "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back."

"We are on a continued quest to reach as many ladies as possible or as needed, to bring about a positive impact for successful change or advance in their lives. The feeling is always one of gratitude first for such an opportunity to be able to interact with ladies from all walks of life, and then also a rewarding one to be able to relate and coach ladies that will drive their dreams into reality," said Ms Sweeting.

As an entrepreneur, scientist, counsellor, author, intercessor, teacher and a co-founder of the Ray of Hope Outreach Foundation, Ms Sweeting said she wants to guide women in their development through the sharing of knowledge and personal experiences and providing practical tools.

"Too often we have dreams and goals that we would like to see happen and less often we have the knowledge or the support on how to get it done, especially when there is so much going on all around us. New Image Ladies workshop focuses on you, the person. This gives you an opportunity to shut off everything going on around you and drill in to self and what is needed for you to step up. This workshop will provide you with exactly that, what you need to step out and step up. This is a time to invest in the future you," said Ms Sweeting.

For more information, e-mail newimage.242@gmail.com.


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