Straight Answers On Bpl Bidding

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I have in front of me an article by Natario KcKenzie of November 21, 2017…BPL studying nineteen bids from power generators.

The story confirms that the RFP was solely for stand-by generators capacity 80mw. Nineteen bidders responded, anyone will admit that it is a high number but BP&L announced previously, that they had a policy to allow any bidder - not as the past practice was a selected bidder pre-approved. Did they think that they were bidding for a 275 mw generation plan? I certainly would say absolutely no. 80 mw was their game.

The RFP was for 80mw not 275mv that Shell put in for, which seems to have excited the Board of BP&L. There are educated people on BP&L’s Board. Surely it should not be difficult to see if total compliance was carried out by BP&L, as to what is required of them with URCA and whether the term-condition and offer of the RFP was complied with?

The crux argument is that to those who saw and even participated in the RFP that the decision cannot be recognized as compliant with the terms and request of the “written” RFP. Any amendments had to be communicated in writing to all bidders - usual terms.

BP&L now wants to sign with Shell for a 275mw LNG generation plant. Did URCA agree with this? Did URCA endorse the content of the RFP as is required (Electricity Act 2015)?

It is simple - either BP&L complied or we are used to this, but it is FNM time - the People’s Time and we do not expect violations. We were promised different but have we gotten any difference? OBAN ENERGIES now Shell Americas that is what we know about. Untendered contracts for the schools.

The FNM made all kinds of charges and accusations against the PLP government, but it seems with regards to this RFP at BP&L, something is not very clear as BP&L and URCA refuse to come clean, although numerous letter writers write letter after letter.

What I see today is little difference as to why we threw Christie & Co over the bar in May 2017. Minnis talks about 2020? Got to be joking! Arrogance, refusing to listen. I am right do not argue!



August 9, 2018.


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