Rbc Silent On Claim Scam Netted $800k


Tribune Business Reporter


ROYAL Bank of Canada (RBC) executives said yesterday they could not comment on the total dollar exposure or number of Bahamian customers affected by the recent "skimming" fraud, telling Tribune Business however the bank is "co-operating fully" with the authorities and looks forward to seeing the perpetrators "brought to justice".

Jacqueline Taggart, pictured, RBC's director of strategic and corporate communications for the Caribbean, confirmed to Tribune Business earlier this week that some of the bank's Bahamian Visa debit and Visa credit card holders had fallen victim to "skimming", as some irate customers reported "thousands of dollars" having been wiped off their accounts. The bank described the issue as "a coordinated and aggressive criminal effort".

While some online reports suggested close to $800,000 had been stolen from Bahamian customers of the bank, Taggart told Tribune Business any figure at this point would be purely 'speculative'.

"Unfortunately, RBC cannot comment on the specifics of the total dollar exposure or number of clients involved in this fraud as it is part of an open investigation. We can confirm RBC is cooperating fully with the authorities and looks forward to seeing the perpetrators brought to justice," said Taggart.

"Statements alleging to provide specifics from other parties, no matter how legitimate they may appear, should be considered speculative as RBC does not share specific information about its clients publicly and will not compromise this important investigation by providing these details."


TheMadHatter 1 year, 10 months ago

Did she happen to mention whether or not RBC is one of the number of banks that hold house and land Deeds for YEARS after the loan is paid off?

I don't know if they are. Just wondering.


bogart 1 year, 10 months ago

.....just before your Mortgage loan is paid off....your Personal Banker.....should have contacted you....call you in....and be thanking you blah blah ...nosying in ya business picking....chatting you up ...after dat long time you been paying dem back...introdice you to da Manager...all da nice stuff....and telling you the procedures for your documents.....and being well trained bankers would have reviewed your loan ....if you good prpspect.... and offered to lend you more money....repay the other competing banks loans......equity financing...........if dey aint been doing dis an more ....they needs more training.....everry good banker supposed to be finding ways to lend you an your chillren, family friends....money....an of course make sure you can first pay it back....!!!!!....lol..


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