Editorial: Nixon Packed And Left - But Not This Guy

For virtually anyone else, the legal, moral and ethical troubles that continue to accumulate around Donald Trump would lead to introspection and serious examination of the ways and means to leave office with at least a scintilla of self respect and dignity intact.

Forty four years ago that appears to have motivated Richard Nixon to pack up and get out of the White House, Washington and the presidency.

But this president is different.

He has no shame.

Late last week former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted in a US federal court across the river from the capital of eight different offences, reportedly escaping conviction on nearly a dozen other charges only due to the obduracy of a single juror.

Trump praised Manafort for “refusing to break”. He was perhaps referring to a different personal strategy employed by his long time personal attorney, Michael Cohen, who copped a plea and started singing to federal prosecutors in New York City.

Another plea deal, with the chief financial officer of Trump Enterprises, was later revealed.

There is speculation in the American press that Trump is considering a pardon for Manafort, presumably to discourage him from taking the Cohen approach to avoid or minimize his jail time. Manafort’s attorneys, meanwhile, are hinting their client is considering his options.

No doubt watching with increasing interest as this unfolds is special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who referred the Cohen case to the New York prosecutors and whose evidence convicted Manafort in a Virginia court.

There is increasing speculation that Cohen may provide significant new evidence for Mueller and his team. And perhaps Manafort will conclude his best option is to start cooperating with Mueller.

Mueller and his band of investigators and prosecutors are starting to look like legendary American lawman Eliot Ness and his Untouchables who uncovered enough evidence to convict the infamous American crime boss Al Capone nearly 100 years ago in Chicago.

Even Republican Oklahoma congressman Tom Cole, a party leader, has admitted there is “a lot of smoke” around Trump and that where there is so much smoke, there is sometimes fire.

It does appear there is fire with Trump.

So what? What does it all mean?

Since Trump has no shame, it seems unlikely that as the evidence builds against him, he would voluntarily leave office. Constitutional lawyers are now in demand for television appearances to speculate on what is really an impeachable offence. Retired politicians and pundits are earning big fees to pontificate on when, and if, the Republican line of defence for Trump in the Senate and House of Representatives will crack or even break.

The Democrats in opposition are reportedly still undecided about whether or not to make Trump the centerpiece of what should be a significantly successful mid-term election campaign in about ten weeks.

The recent history of the first mid-term election for a new president continues to reveal much evidence that even if Trump were a normal politician, November’s election would likely bring him bad news. But he is not a normal politician.

That’s good and bad for the Republicans. The good – and it is a significant, meaningful positive – is that Trump is not selling politics as usual. He does not seem to be the hypocrite and charlatan so many Americans have come to expect their elected officials to be.

Trump is proud that he can misbehave and even break the law, and has boasted that he can get away with it. And so far, he has generally succeeded in doing so.

Of course, one can argue Trump’s public championing of the little man while pushing a massive tax cut that mostly benefits the ultra rich is hypocritical. It is. But at least according to polls, Trump’s many supporters are willing to overlook this and lots of other disqualifying behaviour.

The bad news for the Republicans is a majority of American voters might be awakening to the reality that Trump may be bad for their country. They may finally realise that Republican policies favour those who need no further advantage from government.

And if polls can be believed, this rebuilding American majority might actually get out and vote in November.


Damifiknow 10 months, 4 weeks ago

You must be proud of your hearsay as you don’t take credit for the blasphemy on this article. Do you get all your information fromCNN or MSNBC too. Trump just announced a New trade agreement with Mexico. Crickets.


milesair 10 months, 4 weeks ago

There are none so blind as he who will not see. Trumpsters don't like reading/hearing anything bad about their dear leader as they call it "fake news." Wake up and smell the coffee! Trump is proving to be a disaster for the U.S. His racist bigotry is dividing the U.S. and he is making enemies out of countries who were once U.S. allies. Trump loves and wants to emulate dictators, like Kim in North Korea and Durarte in the Philippines. He wants to take credit for the economy when it is Obama who created the current economy. With Trump's trade wars, the booming economy could come crashing down. The sooner Trump is gone the better the U.S. and the world will be! I am sure that you get your fake news from faux news, the propaganda arm of the GOP! Try and redeem yourself. As for the so called "agreement with Mexico," what happened to Canada? When Trump figures out that the new Mexican President is a socialist he will be back to calling Mexican's criminals and rapists. Oh, and by the way. when is Mexico going to pay for the wall? I am sure that that will NEVER happen either. It is just another Trump lie as Trump wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on his rear end!


Porcupine 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Agreed. Anyone who thinks for a moment that Trump is not scum, is close to being brain dead.


Damifiknow 10 months, 4 weeks ago

Blah blah blah the racist are the ones that spout ! Trump dated women of all color ,but you are the blind! Please do your due diligence.Your rhetoric is beginning to bore me and anyone with common sense to see other views. The devide you speak of was brought on by your hero !


milesair 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Name one Black woman that Trump ever dated. How did Obama divide the U.S. Unless you mean the bigots that didn't like having a Black President. You must be another Trump chump. Good luck to that! Your going to need it real soon! Explain why every major publication in the Bahamas has printed negative reviews about Trump. The Guardian, The Tribune, Bahamas uncensored etc. I know, it's all fake news. You and the "mother take sic" guy must be one in the same. As long as Trump remains in office, I will be telling it like it is. Too bad if you don't like it!


milesair 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Trump has dated 2 Black women long before he became President and was a "liberal" Democrat and only went to Church to get married several times. He dumped one of his Black girl friends when he found out that she was half Black. The other one dumped him because he only lasted two minutes during his "love making." That however doesn't mean he is NOT a racist. His deeds and racist comments prove he is a racist. He became a Republican and then became a racist which is a registered trademark of the GOP as they don't like minorities of ANY kind. Minorities in the U.S. that is. He is now voided all pay raises for federal employee's after giving tax breaks to his rich friends and corporate buddies and this has made the U.S. deficit worse than ever. So much for the 'fiscally responsible' GOP! Trumps ego is the biggest thing he has.


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