More Men Than Women In Inaugural Family Fun Run/Walk

NOT as many competitors as anticipated showed up to participate in the Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention men's department inaugural Family Fun Run/Walk Race.

The early morning riser on Sunday was opened to the general public and it attracted more men than women. But men's president Rev Stephen Ferguson said he was highly disappointed that there were hardly any competitors (male or female) from the Baptist community that came out and competed.

Mackey Williams and Eve Maycock-Dorsett were the overall male and female winners in the run that started from the Charles W Saunders High School on Jean Street and travelled south to Prince Charles Drive, east to Fox Hill Road, north to Bernard Road, west to Hillside Park and south back to the finish line at Charles W Saunders High School.

Thomas Minns and Michelle Munroe were the overall winners of the walk race that started in the opposite direction, leaving Charles W Saunders and headed north on Jean Street to Hillside Park, turn left and head west on Bernard Road, south on Soldier Road, east on Prince Charles Drive and west back on Jean Street to the finish line.

There was also a Pastors/Ministers category that was won by the Venerable Father James Palacious, who beat out Ferguson in a duel between the Anglicans and Baptists.

Other divisional winners in the run were Andrew Hepburn in the 15-and-under and Gary Brathwaite in the 70-and-over.

And in the walk, Anthony Garrison took the 15-and-under title, Stephen Ferguson Jr won the 19-and-under and David Prabhu was the 40-49 champion.

The Baptist men's department intends to make the event an annual one, but may change the date starting next year.

Divisional winners

Men's Walk

Overall winner - Thomas Minns


1 Anthony Garrison

2 Antoine Garrison


1 Stephen Ferguson Jr


1 David Prahbu


1 Thomas Minns

2 Ellis Bodie-Young

3 Samuel Clarke


1 Father James Palacious

2 Rev Stephen Ferguson

Women's Walk

Overall winner - Michelle Munroe


1 Michelle Munroe

2 Denise Strachan

3 Shonalee Ferguson

Men's Run

Overall winner - Mackey Williams


1 Andrew Hepburn


1 RaSean Minns


1 Mackey Williams

2 Roy Sanchez


1 Randy Williams

2 Trevor Brice


1 Gary Brathwaite

Women's Run

Overall - Eve Maycock-Dorsett


1 Eve Maycock Dorsett


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