Blatant Discrimination

EDITOR, The Tribune.

In reading the recent articles related to the change of the BPL Board, and as a woman in the workplace, the complaints of the Chairwoman resonate like a scratched record that continually repeats itself and I can no longer remain silent.

As women in the workplace, we have all experienced the debilitation of the discrimination that women receive in leadership positions. Many of us find ways to blend in and go with the flow to get things done, but those of us that unapologetically focus on the task at hand, more often than not, meet with great resistance. A hard and fast belief in our society is that men should lead, and even those of us that think we have no opinion on this, subconsciously tend to lean in that direction. As a result, women get less support and greater criticism when they have leadership roles.

Because this is indeed the norm in our society, it was easily recognised when described by the former Chairwoman of the BPL Board, and I find this blatant display of discrimination against Ms Osbourne appalling. The Minister has indicated that in their tenure the Board achieved good results and he was unable to cite a reason to dismiss them. From the undisputed reports given, board members that had viewpoints that opposed the Chair were given support by the Minister instead of allowing the democratic process to decide such matters. This biased interference does not serve the Bahamian public.

The buck stops here. We have too often sat quietly as these disservices have been perpetrated and refuse to continue to just stand by and watch.

I therefore call on all Bahamians to let your voices be heard. Let’s stand together to ensure that transparency and good governance is not side-tracked by slighted egos and political interference. Give our boards their mandates and then judge them on their performance…not their sex.



August 23, 2018.


bogart 7 months, 3 weeks ago

...i'm wid you....but what should happen is that women are the majority registeted voters...this should be massive protests unity support.....on da other hand when a man's conch salad at he favourite beer drinking hangout at Potters Cay happens..an he gets stomach upset....man all hell breaks out...scientific names to describe it....tons of articles...doctors experts in fixing da problem...washing hands.....statistical data...how many now gets manly name poisoning... poisoning a day...a week....how it slowing down...look at last elections look how many women gets elected...by women voters in majority....look at how single mothers....the list goes on....


joeblow 7 months, 3 weeks ago

... and yet not a word about all those women whose 'assets' have secured positions they have not earned through LEGITIMATE hard work. Interesting!


bogart 7 months, 3 weeks ago

The women outnumber the men as registered voters.....and in any instant before during and after an election.....can get whatever they desire......they have held the cards for sometime now....


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