Bpl Turbulence

EDITOR, The Tribune.

BPL - good for you Ms Osborne let it all hang out if what has been said is not the truth - truth Madam never lies so you have a big advantage.

To Mr Donovan Moxey I would be exceptionally careful not to put your foot, sorry feet, in your mouth believing everything since May 2017, election and the appointment of the outgoing BP&L board was all in compliance with the Electricity Act, 2015 which a number of letters to the Editor dealt with and the RFP process for the 80MW standby generators or the Aggreko generators?

Mr Money you are exceptionally fortunate that the sole one member of the immediate past board Attorney, Feron Bethell, remains on the new board - we hope he will guide you through the straight and narrow ensuring on our behalf total compliance which quite honestly does not seem to have taken place.

Final word to Ms Osborne you have your personal and professional reputation to take care of - if the statement of the Minister does not afford you at the minimum justification and courtesy then Madam use the ultimate course of redress.

Ms Osborne, you were the choice of Prime Minister Minnis let’s hope he will not throw you under the proverbial bus?



August 20, 2018.


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