A Word Of Advice To Dionisio

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE Hon Minister of Tourism, Dinisio D’Aguilar (FNM-Free Town), is my favourite member of the Minnis cabinet and, indeed, the hardest working. I make no bones of my admiration; love and respect for him. Having said that, however, as a former practising attorney before the Bahamas Bar, I would caution the minister, et al, not to opine, as a member of the administration which has been sued by a particular web operator over certain actions taken by the Gaming Board, years ago.

The legal issues, such as they are, which have been raised, have yet to be adjudicated upon, rightly or wrongly. It is trite legal precedent that matters which are before the courts, except where evidence has been publicly led and released into the public domain, that there should be no discussion by interested parties, et al, which could prejudge or prejudice those cases or the outcomes thereof.

Of course, my favourite minister is not, thank God, a lawyer, as a seasoned businessman, he should know better. No more public statements, minister.

What the minister and his cabinet colleagues should be concentrating on are the fleshing out of the proposed purchase of the Grand Lucayan; movement on the ground with the fabled and long-running Gin saga over in West End; redevelopment and refurbishment of the airports in the major Family Islands; expansion of BTVI; opening of a mini hospital and clinic, fully staffed and furnished in the former Phil’s Food Services Building on Gladstone Road to service the rapidly growing and bustling South-Western Corridor and area here in New Providence; giving the owners of downtown property the incentives to actively develop the same so as to restore Bay Street to its once great regard.

Finally, the former South Ocean Resort, to which a dormant casino licence is attached, needs immediate attention and, perhaps, intervention by the FNM administration. Thousands of potential short- and long-term jobs would be created if there was genuine activity at that property which has been shuttered for decades.

The minister has carriage for most of this bucket list and he needs to leave legal issues which are before the court alone and get on with his real job.

The FNM is embroiled in any number of “issues” of its own making and, as a patriot Bahamian, I wish the administration all of the success that it might deserve. The Bahamian people gave Minnis and his crew a wide mandate but it would appear that, in some cases, they were not prepared for governance. Thank God, that He is on the throne, and His mercies will endure forever. To that same God then, in all things, be the glory.



August 30, 2018.


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