Retailers: Christmas Sales Matched 2017


Tribune Business Reporter


BUSINESS this Christmas was “steady” and comparable to last year’s holiday shopping period, several local retailers have confirmed.

Charmaine Daley, manager at the John’s Shoes and Accessories store on Carmichael Road, told Tribune Business: “Things really started to pick up on Saturday. We saw that last-minute rush. Sales, I would say, have been maintained. I would say that business has been fairly steady this Christmas.”

Tara Morley, director of Coles of Nassau and Morley for Men, said: “Most people I have spoken with had a big Saturday. I’m not sure how it’s been since then for everyone else, but we were also busy on Sunday and Monday.”

Ms Morley, who also serves as co-chair of The Bahamas Retail Federation (BF) and a Chamber of Commerce director, recently said the waiver of 20 percent duty for clothing and shoe retailers had been “extremely positive”, but added that “word isn’t getting out fast enough” concerning the concession.

One local electronics retailer told Tribune Business: “We saw a pretty good pick up in customer traffic heading into the weekend. We haven’t really looked at the numbers yet, but I think we did OK. Again, without really looking at the numbers, if I were to take a guess, I would say that overall business was comparable to last year.”

Collette McKenzie, manager of the Charlotte Street store for leather goods retailer, Brass and Leather, told Tribune Business: “Due to the 4.5 percent increase in VAT this year business was the same as last year during the last three shopping days.”

Many Bahamian retailers generate a significant portion of their annual sales revenue during the busy Christmas shopping period.


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