Dpm: Blockchain Could Have Halted Jean-Rony's Exile


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THE Deputy Prime Minister yesterday said blockchain technology can revolutionise the way business is done in the Bahamas, and pledged: "We can be the digital leaders in this region."

K P Turnquest, speaking at the opening of an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) seminar on 'Understanding Blockchain Technology', suggested its use could have helped prevent the much-publicised deportation fiasco involving Jean Rony Jean-Charles. He argued that it could have helped establish a record of his status in the Bahamas from the outset, given that blockchain is a record of digital events and transactions that occur across a network.

"There is no reason why a child that is born in the Bahamas cannot have a digital record established right then and there, and that record is transferred and travels with them as they grow. Agencies that need to add to the record can update the record," said Mr Turnquest.

A Supreme Court judge on Tuesday ordered the Bahamian-born Mr Jean-Charles be returned from Haiti to the Bahamas at the Government's expense, and that he be granted legal status within 60 days.

He was arrested and detained by Immigration officers during a routine status check on Fire Trail Road last September, and deported to Haiti having been being unable to provide officials with any documents or proof concerning his lawful presence in the Bahamas. He was never served with a deportation or detention order, and had never been outside the Bahamas.

"Blockchain technology will enable us to establish a record from the outset so we can avoid these types of issues," added Mr Turnquest.

He said blockchain can "revolutionise the way we do business in the Bahamas", and propel this nation from where it is presently to become "true leaders in terms of technology and the way we do business".

The Deputy Prime Minister said: "We are talking about putting the Bahamas on the cutting edge of technology and the way we do business". He added that cryptocurrency was one aspect of blockchain, and government is doing its research on ways to use this.

Mr Turnquest said he was "tired" of this nation seeking to emulate Singapore, noting that Singapore is chasing Estonia. "We want to be ahead of Estonia," said Mr Turnquest, adding: "We can be the digital leaders in this region."


ohdrap4 1 year, 6 months ago

blockchain technology

Yes it could.

But i do not believe the minister has ever visited the immigration building. I remember when the pinnacle of technology were scanners. They bought one FOR EACH FLOOR. Which were soon broken so people had to travel up and down floors "to scan".

Just like they lose paper work, they will find a way to break any kind of blockchain device.

And unless they implant a microchip in the guy, they would withold his immigration card that had the blockchain.

But it is ok. start implemeting the blockchaun at the post office savings bank, hpw about that/


TalRussell 1 year, 6 months ago

Ma Comrades, knowing what I knows now, a payment to Jean Rony of $1 million, for his inconveniences seems a price bargain for a once unknown Jean Rony - who not only is he about to forever turn upside-down, in and out, the way citizenship are to be granted but is also about revolutionize the brungin Blockchan technology to the Bahamaland - mindbogglingly the way we conduct business in these hereto colony of islands. Just goes show RBC (Canada) what a common man's can accomplish if only given a hands up.
The second Monday in October 2018, has to also be dedicated to honoring Jean Rony, as a Bahamialander national hero?
{Nope, no making a Jean Rony, the common man's, up}. We need a Calypso song be written titled, "Jean Rony, Da Common Man's" subtitle, Jean Rony, made Stephen Dillet , Proud".


ThisIsOurs 1 year, 6 months ago

Block chain and app development are falling too easily off the tongues of persons who know nothing about either. The Bahamas will be ripe for all sorts of scam artists. All they have to say is block and app. Does he really think we need block chain to establish a recordof anybody's travel? Birth, death, marriage etc etc? That's like saying if we only had a jackhammer we could have opened that walnut. It's so embarrassing when these men in suits go on these technical trips and give outsiders the impression that they're our best technicians we have to offer. Why not give someone from the govt's IT department the opportunity to deliver an address that actually make sense.

Research "query"


ohdrap4 1 year, 6 months ago

well the fireigner ones do not fare any better.

the ones who came for the conference just talked in bromides in the talk shows.

Just crap, and today i do not know any more than i did with block chain.

mind you, immigration are the worst paid and least educated of all forces.


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