City Bowling League: Sonith Lockhart Named Mvp

SONITH Lockhart of Carib Construction was the men’s most valuable player from the City Bowling League bowling competition Monday night at Mario’s Bowling and Family Entertainment Center.

Lockhart toppled the pins for a 244 men’s high game and a 649 high three-game set. David Slatter of Telco Enterprises was the runner-up with a 638-second high set. Raymond Adderley of Carib Construction and Ansel Ferguson of Giga Tech both downed the pins for a 238-second high game.

Driskell Rolle of Asurewin Pocket Pleasers and Marina McClain of Carib Construction were the ladies’ leaders after they both crushed the pins for a 636 high three-game series.

Rolle also led all players, male and female in the high game department with an impressive 256 and McClain followed with an outstanding 235-second high game.

Team scores for the evening were as follows:

CDM Knights 3, Ten Back Strikers 0; Carib Construction 3, Telco Enterprises 0; Asurewin Pocket Pleasers 2, BEC Shockers 1; Clayton Gardiner & Associates 2, Avengers 1; City Leaguers 2, Brooklyn Strikers 1; Checkers Café 2, E&U Water Coolers 1; Island Game Strokers 2, Bahamasair Flyers 1; Giga Tech 2, NUA Crusaders 1.

The top five teams after four weeks of second-half play are as follows:

E&U Watercoolers 10 2

Carib Construction 8 4

Ten Back Strikers 7 5

The Avengers 7 5

Giga Tech 7 5


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