Get To The Point(E)

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I write in total agreement with, and in full support of, the recent letters appearing in your paper, notably from Abraham Moss and Pamela Burnside, regarding that hideous, crass, architectural insult known as “The Pointe”. This absolutely ghastly erection under construction is an insult to the Bahamian populace, and particularly to the original architects of downtown Nassau. I have spoken to many people, curious of their opinion on the subject, and the unanimous consensus, without exception, has been that it is completely, totally and utterly tasteless, out of place and does absolutely nothing to enhance our “Island” image.

We are a tiny Tropical Island! We are not Beijing or Hong Kong. Chrome and glass are not a part of our traditional, beautiful Bahamian architecture. How on earth did this abomination ever get past Town Planning?

I am the first to admit that the area just west of the British Colonial Hotel was an eyesore, and was crying out for some kind of ATTRACTIVE development. However, we are selling our souls to the devil if we think “The Pointe” is the answer. We have already lost historical sites that could have been attractively utilised for the pleasure and enjoyment of Bahamians and visitors alike – notably the Royal Victoria Hotel Gardens which, with a little bit of foresight, could have been the “Central Park” or “Kew Gardens” of our lovely city. Alas it became an ugly car park opposite an ugly Post Office which is now crumbling due to the original shoddy construction.

I had reason to go “downtown” last week. In spite of the fact that I have a slight disability, I parked a long way from my destination as I, on principle, refuse to patronise “The Pointe” car park.

Come on people! Our political representatives are our employees, we pay their wages! I know they all have a huge job in front of them trying to extricate us from the disastrous quagmire they have inherited, and I have every sympathy with them all, but please do something before we go past the “Pointe” of no return.



February 2, 2018.


Porcupine 2 years, 3 months ago

Ms. Robertson,

This is the result of being heavily in debt. Money, any money, seems sent from heaven, a blessing. That's all anyone saw. The Chinese with their cash, doing a huge favor for The Bahamas. We are not just poor in money. We are poor in .................................


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