Tree Pruning

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WEST Bay section immediately after the last round-about at Baha Mar heading west towards residence of Perry Christie and One Cable Beach Condos - what can only be described as the massacre of the Casuarina trees ...

Yes prune them but....... who is carrying out this work? How far along West Bay are they going? My bet is as far as the next roundabout and then stop ...... this exercise is for and exclusively One Cable Beach. They better be paying for it?

Traffic lights - why can’t we have synchronized system? Wasn’t it back under the FNM, Tommy ‘T’ millions were spent and we were told as usual all our problems will be resolved - hmmm look today on most junctions where there are lights 50% of the system are no longer there having been knocked down and certainly no set work In sequence ... surely if the first light on Shirley St. is GREEN then the rest to past Central Bank should be allowing for good traffic flow .... Is that impossible?

Locating Ambulances - why are ALL Ambulances stationed off Collins Avenue?

Why does the Fire Truck at Cable Beach go to Police Headquarters every day around 10.30-11am leaving Cable Beach and the west unguarded? Surely not for inspection?

LPIA - shocked that NAD, a Government Corporation is planning to build an Airport Hotel in the old section ...... build commercial office space, sir, not an hotel and develop properly a real General Aviation FBO location in the place. Now that makes economic sense.



February 7, 2018.


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