Debasing The Office

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I watched and listened in disbelief on Wednesday, 7th February 2018, as the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Halson Moultrie, debased the Office of Speaker, the Honourable House of Assembly, the Parliamentary process and the people of the Bahamas, by using the historic Chair in which he sits to launch an emotional rant in defense of his actions. It was more than a sad performance; it was pathetic.

My criticism has nothing to do with whether the Speaker was right or wrong in expelling Members of the House; it has everything to do with his abuse of his position. The House of Assembly is no place for the Speaker, or any Member, to settle personal scores. His childish tirade was an embarrassment to the Government he represents and to us, who support that Government.

The Speaker clearly does not understand that dignity at all times is required of his position. He must apologise to members of the Government, to the Opposition and to the good people of this country that he serves. Failing that, he should be asked to resign his position.



February 9, 2018.


DDK 1 year ago

Sadly, I believe you are quite right, Night Heron.


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