Show Your True Self

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The events that transpired in the House of Assembly on February 7th are well documented.

The outburst by the Member for MICAL Miriam Emmanuel have been played thousand of times and sent viral on social media.

WhatsApp and Facebook was inundated with audio recordings of the actual comments, so it is foolish for anyone to misconstrue what was said.

All Bahamians FNM, PLP DNA and XYZ have and are still expressing their disgust and disappointment in what both she and the Speaker said. FNM MPs, in camera, are livid. No. one can dilute what was said.

No attempt to use me as s whipping boy will succeed, because Bahamians from all walks of life are sick to their stomach.

But coward “Whistleblower” who seems to hide behind the protection of those who would hide them, decided to attack this writer.

The whole Bahamas knows who I am. I am bold, unafraid, and consistently drawing attention to various issues. I offer my opinion of which I stand by and am entitled to.

But the Whistleblower, who lacks courage is not courageous to come from behind the curtain and show his/her face. Unmask yourself, stop throwing stones and hiding under the floor, face the music.

Cowards hide, but for at least forty years I have and always will sign my name like the man I am.

To the “whistleblower” I say this, I fear Jesus Christ Only, all others are powder puff.

Stand up!



February 14, 2018.


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