Suspect Held After Officer Knocked To Ground


Tribune Staff Reporter


POLICE took a man into custody yesterday who they believe injured an officer as he attempted to evade arrest, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police Shanta Knowles.

Videos of the altercation were circulated widely on social media.

Supt Knowleds said: "Shortly before 12 noon today, an officer was at Junkanoo Beach and was attempting to affect an arrest of a male suspect, resulting in a struggle. The officer was thrown to the ground and received injuries to his leg. The suspect fled into the sea but was captured a few minutes later. The officer was transported to hospital and is being treated for his injuries. The 27-year-old suspect is expected to be formally charged before court later this week."

In one of the videos that circulated online, a police officer appeared to be body-slammed by the man resisting arrest. After the suspect fled, the officer remained on the ground for some time, clearly in pain as nearby residents attended to him. A video posted on Facebook not long afterwards showed a number of officers on Junkanoo Beach taking a man into custody. Whether the suspect allowed himself to be taken in willingly was unclear, but police appeared to aggressively handle him.


bogart 3 years, 3 months ago

For physically hurting a police in line of duty in a tourist area he should be get 50 years hard labour. An example must be set to deter others and eliminate extra man hours and police pay entailed in having other police officers removed from other areas to render assistance and arrest culprit. Police officers must not be assaulted in public areas with tourists as this sends the wrong message to our tourist business.


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