Mount Tabor Gets A 'Jump-Start' Into 2018


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UNDER the theme "Living Healthy Lives", Bishop Neil C Ellis along with members of the Mount Tabor Church hosted its annual "Jump-Start" service this week.

Kicking off on Monday and concluding on Tuesday evening, the service encouraged all in attendance to jump-start 2018 as they walk deeper into the supernatural, covering topics such as "Ready For My Healing" and more.

"This is something that we do annually here at Mount Tabor. It is the way we jump-start the year. We normally would have a guest speaker, but in the last two years Bishop Ellis has been taking the helm in teaching and leading the congregation in providing spiritual insights to gear us up for the coming months of the year," said Pastor Hervis Bain, executive pastor at Mount Tabor.

Mount Tabor Church members believe Bishop Ellis' continuation of the series entitled "Supernatural Turnarounds" has inspired so many to rethink what can happen when God steps into their lives and circumstances.

Speaking on the event's theme, Pastor Bain said at the services, Bishop Neil Ellis spoke on scriptures that assisted in helping congregants understand the importance of being healthy, wealthy and wise Kingdom builders and believers.

"He is gearing us up so that we can understand that we are to be consistently healthy and maintain it, and that is the focus this year. This is something that we normally look forward to. I have been here now for four years and this is a staple for Mount Tabor," he said.

"At 'Jump-Start', we also come together as a church and leave ourselves open to be receptive of the Word and then wherever the Spirit leads. These services allow for the individual to have a foundational base of spirituality."


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