Port Lucaya Marketplace 'Still Safe' Despite Recent Murder


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DESPITE the recent shooting death of a man at Port Lucaya Marketplace, it is still a safe place for tourists and locals, according to managing director Ivan Moss.

The incident last Saturday left many persons in shock when a gunman opened fire and killed the man in one of the main walkways, near two popular restaurants and bars.

Surveillance footage of the shooter at Port Lucaya holding a gun and firing shots while fleeing on foot has been circulating on social media. The photo of the deceased man - Anthwan Simms – has also been posted on Whatsapp.

The Tribune spoke with Mr Moss at Port Lucaya Marketplace on Friday. He said the area is still safe.

He noted that there are sufficient security officers stationed throughout the property, in addition to surveillance cameras and increased police visibility.

“Many of the vendors have been here for 20 to 30 years, and they know it (the shooting) is not the norm; they know there is nothing we could have done (to prevent) what happened, and they still see Port Lucaya Market as a safe zone,” Mr Moss said.

“We all know that this incident was an isolated matter that happened off the property and the suspect was looking for a particular person, and unfortunately it (the shooting) happened here.”

The official stated that marketplace was full and that police were on the property the night of the shooting.

It is hoped that the incident does not discourage the weekend crowd at the marketplace, which has already been negatively impacted by the closure of the Grand Lucayan Resort property.

Mr Moss stressed that the marketplace is working with police to ensure it is safe and secure.

“I had a chat with the Assistant Commissioner of Police for Grand Bahama Clarence Reckley and Superintendent Hilton Cash, the officer in charge of the Port Lucaya Police Station, who had promised before this incident happened to have police in the area,” he said. “And so far this has been the case; police are always in PLM.”

He stressed that security officers are also on foot patrols at all times.

“We just took down the old cameras in November because they were outdated, and have put up more accurate high-performance HD surveillance infrared cameras in place,” he added.


killemwitdakno 9 months ago

I;m utterly shocked at that. Never heard of a murder there my WHOLE life.


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