Shooting Victim Dies In Hospital


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN who was shot late last year has died in hospital, police said Monday.

Caswell Hanna, 33, of Kool Acres, was shot while at a convenience store on Zion Boulevard on December 30, 2017. He had been accosted by a gunman who entered the store and shot him before fleeing on foot.

He died on Sunday, police said. It is expected his death will be added to the 2017 homicide rate, not this year’s count. 

Although the murder rate has been on the decline in recent weeks, a spate of murders in Grand Bahama during the span of a week has caused concern.

One man was shot dead near a popular restaurant at Port Lucaya Marketplace on the island. His killing came two days after another man was shot dead outside a nightclub and five days after a father was killed outside his home in Freeport on January 1. Two teenagers have since been charged in connection with two of the murders.

Police also reported a man is in hospital after he was stabbed yesterday morning. 

Shortly before 1am, the victim was walking in Montel Heights when he was approached by two men armed with knives, who stabbed him before fleeing on foot. The victim was taken to hospital and is listed in serious condition.

Investigations are ongoing.


sam65 2 years, 6 months ago

My condolences to the families of the victims. Now, how is it possible to count a Death this year resulting from an incident last year as an additional murder last year? I understand that The Bahamas would like to keep its murder count down for the year which has just started However this practice seems very deceptive in its nature!


John 2 years, 6 months ago

The troubling thing about the Freeport murders is that both suspects are underage teens. In new Providence the lull came when several known gang leaders were killed and others went into hiding when death threats were put on their own lives. One of these persons who was shot up and killed, may have been responsible for dozens of murders. Police, thus far have been successful in taking advantage of this break and have been keeping the heat on known gang members. But with the killings in Freeport by underage suspects, they must now determine if they were isolated incidents or if they are related to gang activity. The main gang in Nassau responsible for a lot the violence and killings has been decapitated and police must now take steps to ensure this gang is not reactivated by recruiting young boys to do murders.


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