Mother Leaves Courtroom As Footage Of Murders Shown


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THE mother of Sheena Johnson got up and left the courtroom as surveillance footage was shown in the Supreme Court depicting the murders of her daughter and son-in-law Barry at their home in Deadman's Reef.

Sobbing was heard just outside the courtroom after she left. Sheena Johnson, a teacher, and her husband, Barry, a supervisor at the Freeport Container Port, were discovered shot to death on September 13, 2015, following an armed robbery the night before.

Video surveillance footage from cameras installed at the couple's triplex apartment was entered as evidence in court.

On trial for the murders and armed robbery are Paul Belizaire, Devaughn Hall, and Kevin Dames. Two other co-accused Allan Alcime and Virgil Hall were convicted of armed robbery in connection with the matter and are serving time.

While continuing his cross-examination on Tuesday, attorney for one of the accused Geoffrey Farquharson questioned lead investigator, Detective 772 Lorenzo Johnson about the couple's two vehicles and referred him to the video footage that showed four armed suspects and the shooting of the Johnsons.

Mr Farquharson asked the detective how he knew that a truck discovered by police on a dirt road near the container port was Mr Johnson's.

Det Johnson said it was the same GMC truck, licence T8688, which was stolen from the Johnsons' home the night of murders. He said the truck was seen at the victims' home in Deadman's Reef.

The lawyer asked for the video to be shown and the detective to show where in the surveillance footage he saw the truck or Mrs Johnson's vehicle.

Det Johnson said the headlights were seen on the video as both vehicles pulled into the driveway, however at no time was the vehicle seen in the video.

Mr Farquharson asked the detective if he knew who had contacted police on discovering the truck. He said that a Superintendent Dames was contacted by an informant.

He said he was at the murder scene in Deadman's Reef when he received a call about a truck which was found in Eight Mile Rock. On arrival at the scene, he said several officers were already there.

Det Johnson said a Sgt Arthur processed the truck and made a check for any evidence, and took photographs. He noted the officer had discovered positive results for evidence.

Mr Farquharson asked Det Johnson if Sgt Arthur had passed on the results to him. The witness said he did not.

He put it to Det Johnson that information and the report were passed to two other officers, and that he was never in charge of the investigation.

Det Johnson denied the suggestion.

"I put it to you that Sgt Arthur was not acting on your instructions, but on that of ASP Dames, your boss," Mr Farquharson said.

The trial continues on Wednesday. Justice Estelle Gray Evans is presiding over the case. Prosecutors Erica Kemp and Neil Brathwaite are representing the Crown. Mr Farquharson is representing Belizaire, and Carlson Shurland and Jethlyn Burrows are representing Dames and Hall, respectively.

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