Were All Generator Bidders Invited To Conference?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

PLATTS Caribbean Energy Conference this week I have to ask did the presence of the Minister responsible for BP&L - the Chairman and the CEO probably by accident compromise the required independent position as a result of the valuable pending RFP result for the supply of Stand-by generators to BP&L?

Interesting at least two names appeared in advertisements who are known bidders to the RFP - Wartsila and Aggreko (the present provider).

Editor I have to ask were all the bidders to the RFP to supply the Stand-by generators invited to the Conference?

If they were not then I have to suggest the compliance of fairness and level playing field certainly has been crossed and the RFP should effectively be cancelled and re-issued.

The Minister certainly should not have addressed the conference – the Minister of Tourism or his Parliamentary Secretary could have stood in – the Chair, Mrs Osborne as Chair of BP&L and the COO Mrs Alston certainly should not even have been present as those who bid obviously would use the opportunity to lobby for their bid.

Minister Bannister has been at the forefront of the FNM attack on corruption or even the implication or possible corruption. I ask then, surely in fairness, if not all bidders to the RFP were present, the process has to be cancelled.



January 27, 2018.


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