After The Firings

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THAT was the week that was…no doubt last week was eventful…the Budget vote - firing of two Parliamentary Secretaries the imposing of the whip on the majority, governing party with a majority of 35 and BP&L ain’t got a clue what blacked the island out.

MP for Grants Town…to his credit and showing clearly he can muster private financial support, $100,000.00 worth to assist roof damaged homes - a MP with one year experience has this sort of pull? Says something the FNM can’t do without him.

MP Robinson now into the Tourism Consultancy business — if he plays his cards right he will be big shot in six-months…he knows the sensitive issues of the ministry - he knows who is looking for approvals he will slip in and in true Bahamian style be a winner.

Has anything changed? UBP-PLP-FNM - nothing changed.

BP&L - if the CEO doesn’t know there was a big clap of thunder and bush crack BP&L gone! Stop the sweet PR talk, sir - this summer will be no different from last and will be no different for the next three years. Explain please how the RFP for the 80MW standby generator changed without URCA’s approval?



June 29, 2018.


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