Exuma Still Concerned Over Tragedy Fall-Out


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CONCERN persists on Exuma over potential tourism fall-out from the recent boating tragedy, although the island's Chamber of Commerce president says there have been no mass cancellations yet.

"Predictably there are some concerns about what impact this accident would have on their business. To this point there's been no mass cancellations, but concerns are being expressed both nationally and internationally," said Pedro Rolle.

Exuma's largest tour operator, Four C's Adventures, has been issued a cease and desist order to suspend operations pending an investigation into the accident that killed one American woman, caused another to lose both of her legs and injured nine other people.

The group was touring with when one of the boat's engines exploded, police said. The explosion happened within minutes of the tour's launch.

"It appears the immediate concern is not so much the cancellation of existing bookings but the possibility of those who may have been considering or intending to book - would they still come or go elsewhere? Note that this accident occurred to one of our more professional and consistent operators, and it speaks to the need for continued vigilance in this industry both by operators and regulators," said Mr Rolle.


DaGoobs 11 months, 1 week ago

Four C's need to worry whether they will still be in business after this incident. They better have insurance and hope they get sued in the Bahamas where damages are based on loss rather than in the USA where damages are based on making the lawyer and the client rich


sa14731 11 months, 1 week ago

we need to stop saying that the Engines "BLEW UP " This is false


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