No Licence Can Be Revoked Before Suspect In Rose Island Stabbing Identified

THE Ministry of Transport and Local Government has released a statement in the wake of a stabbing incident that allegedly involved Jet Ski operators off Rose Island on July 10, saying that unless a licensed operator is prosecuted for an offence, a licence cannot be revoked.

After the stabbing, some called for action to be taken by government officials.

According to police, shortly after 7pm on Independence Day a man got into an argument with other men on a boat, with his assailants leaving the area on stand-up personal watercraft after stabbing him.

A video of the incident went viral last week and captured the dramatic escalation of the attack.

At one point, a man was apparently hit with a beer bottle on the boat. Another person attacked was forced to jump overboard.

The stabbing victim was left in hospital after the attack.

In its statement, the acting port controller advised the public that Rose Island is not an area that is regulated by the Port Department for commercial activities under the Commercial Recreational Watercraft Act.

"Additionally, the persons reportedly involved in the incident have not yet been positively identified to the Port Department, nor have they been charged before the courts by the police.

"As such, the Port Department is not in a position to take any action against any individual holding a port licence, and who is allegedly involved in this incident.

"The prosecution of any individual by the Royal Bahamas Police Force, who is licenced by the Port Department as a Jet Ski operator, will result in the immediate suspension of that operator's licence by the Acting Port Controller, and thereafter by the revocation of that individual's licence by the New Providence Port Authority Board."


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