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Mylk Goddess promotes health through 'ancestral' methods

The Mylk Goddess stand at the recent Summerfication event at The Retreat.

The Mylk Goddess stand at the recent Summerfication event at The Retreat.


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To give Bahamian women more options when taking a more holistic approach to feminine healthcare, Moniquekell Farquharson has started Mylk Goddess, which focuses on alternative treatments and natural medicines.

The home-based company provides support and products for women through each stage of womanhood, which Ms Farquharson describes as "maidenhood, motherhood, sage and elder."

Products and services include lactation cookies and teas, fenugreek pills, postpartum herbal tea baths, yoni steams, castor oil packs and treatments, clary sage essential oil blends, lactation consultations, and skin care products for both women and babies.

"We assist with increasing breast milk supply, addressing fertility issues, menstrual problems, menopause, fibroids, cysts, pH balance, vaginal health, postpartum healing and postnatal support through methods, medicines and means traditionally used by our ancestral healers," said Ms Farquharson.

The idea to launch Mylk Goddess this February came to Ms Farquharson a little over a year ago when she was asked to make lactation cookies for a mother whose supply needed boosting. Following this experience, she decided to continue her research into different herbal galactagogues (a substance that promotes lactation) that assisted mothers in making more breast milk.

"I would pass on this information to other breastfeeding mommas, and during my time as a patient care technician at a women's health centre, I became further convinced that I needed to do something to bring awareness to Bahamian women regarding remedies and treatments they could use for various ailments, such as recommending a daily supplement of probiotics to keep yeast infections away," said Ms Farquharson.

The businesswoman realised she needed her own platform, as it would have been unethical to give that sort of advice during her day job.

"I kept running the business idea through my head, trying to rid myself of any doubts and hesitations, but I still wasn't motivated enough. It wasn't until I became pregnant and gave birth that I decided to officially launch Mylk Goddess. I wanted to create a company that would cater solely to women, especially new moms," she said.

Ms Farquharson said her first year as a new mom was a difficult time, as she become ill after giving birth. The illness in turn drastically decreased her breast milk supply. It got so bad for the new mom that she found herself taking a hot shower and crying because she was unable to produce milk due to a loss of appetite and inability to keep anything in.

"I was majorly stressing over not being able to meet my baby's demands as he refused to drink, let alone taste formula. That same day I mustered up the little bit of energy I had, packed my baby up and drove to my mom's house to pick some Moringa leaves. In my desperation I think I ate about two cups of raw leaves that night, and in an hour and a half my breasts started filling out again and I was able to feed my son. It was also then that I determined that I would start Mylk Goddess to offer lactation consultations and products," said Ms Farquharson.

Through Mylk Goddess, which located in the area of Delaporte Point. Ms Farquharson's goal is to see more women become attuned with their bodies, as she believes that a woman who knows the way her body is supposed to work, can quickly detect sudden changes, which will then prompt her to take the necessary steps to remedy whatever may be happening.

"There are a lot of persons, both men and women, who have absolutely no clue what a lactation product or galactagogue is, never heard of vaginal steaming or postpartum baths. So we receive a lot of questions, especially at events, about what our products are for and how they are used. We are always excited to explain what we do because we want to encourage feminine health awareness and care in as many women as possible. For others who are familiar with the products and traditional services we provide, they are just happy to know they can now have these products and services within their reach," said Ms Farquharson.

Based on her research and experience over the years, Ms Farquharson said she believes Bahamian women are becoming more prone to experiencing feminine health issues due to hormonal imbalances, bad diets and lifestyles. She hopes Mylk Goddess can inspire women to take their feminine health care seriously and helping them to avoid major womb issues, infertility and possibly surgery.

She is looking forward to participating in as many events as possible to get the message out to as many women as possible. It is her hope to become a household name.

"We've already been a part of three events so far for the year: The Baby Expo, Summerfication and a Girl Boss event," she said.

"Women are the foundation of every community, and we're making it our job to look after them. Happy mommas equal happy babies. Healthy, happy women, equal healthy happy homes."

For more information, contact Mylk Goddess on Facebook and Instagram, or e-mail mylkgoddess242@gmail.com, or call 432-8381.


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