Gospel Musical Promotes 'Better Days' For Bahamian Youth


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The cast and crew of the gospel musical "Better Days" are promising audiences a "mesmerising" experience when the curtain officially goes up on the new stage production later this month.

The play examines the lives of two young Bahamians - one who finds himself in a battle between lust and his calling to preach, and the other experiencing serious depression and contemplating suicide.

Producers of the play claim this musical will be a "life-changing" experience for all who attend the show, which is being staged at the New Goodwill Church on Peardale, June 26-29, at 7.30pm nightly.

Bahamians are being invited to experience a kaleidoscope of "mesmerising colours and a spectacle of the angles" as the actors deliver God's message through song and dance.

"Better Days" is produced by the Church Boy Production Studio, founded by Kristoff Rolle, and MMVisions, created by Carlos Outten, who is also the playwright of this piece.

"This is indeed a must-watch. And the inspiration behind the play is a call for change in the Bahamian community. Examining our current cultural climate where murder rates, violence, sexual abuse and HIV rates are at an all-time high, sets off the alarm that there is a need for change," said Carlos.

He believes young people like himself need to see other young Bahamians living positive lives and not fulfil the negative stereotypes displayed on TV and in the communities. Calling his group "Team Jesus", Carlos said it is their mission to transform young people's lives for the better, through Jesus Christ.

"The play was uniquely designed for the Bahamian stage. From the dialect, to the fluidity and to the venue, which is where the heart of the people is. The issues being discussed are real Bahamian issues ... The experience preparing for this play has been extremely rigorous but rewarding. Putting on a show of this calibre takes a lot of dedication from the cast and we sometimes find ourselves working from one day to the morning of a next. Seeking financial support has also been a great challenge but we have not allowed it to hamper us," said Carlos.

Cast members include Gerino Rolle, Miguel Murphy, Argua Wright, Bazile Silverney, Kristoff Rolle, Samson Colebrooke, Lynreshay Johnson, Waldek Daniel, Gerino Rolle, Kacey Duncombe, Joseph Higgs, Arrione Dantly, and Carlos himself.

"It is extremely important for me to be a part of this show because as a God-fearing man and Bahamian citizen it is my duty to not allow the Bahamas to fail. The overall goal for this event is to win souls for the kingdom of God and to raise funds to help our young people in struggling communities," said Carlos.

"The team plans on expanding our horizon greatly this year. This summer we plan to tour islands and host workshops that equip young people to function in work places, sharpen their talents and mentorship programmes. We will also be doing evangelism in our communities and having a few concerts. All events are posted on our Facebook Page, 'Team Jesus'."

Tickets for "Better Days" are $10 per person.


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