Where’S The Money Going?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THAT’S really the golden question, isn’t it? We were promised transparent governance and Bahamians have yet to be given a paper trail of where VAT revenue is going.

Now, VAT is being increased, we’re being forced to eat healthy or buy corn beef, even our lifestyles are being taxed (we can’t even buy numbers without a tax) and suppose to believe that it’s still ‘The People’s Time.’

Well, we know who’s time it isn’t — the working class Bahamian, who toils to put food on the table, who saves just to purchase Christmas gifts for their children, all the while “downsizing” looms over their heads.

We, the people, deserve to know how will our financial sacrifice help to generate more jobs, create new industries and support entrepreneurship, provide better education for our children, protect our citizens and prevent future sacrifices from ever happening again.



June 10, 2018.


Porcupine 1 year ago

Agreed 100%. What will it take to get the government to respond to our demands for transparency? So long as we remain fighting among ourselves, they can do what they want. If All Bahamians were to take a couple of days off to help shut the country down, like the taxi strike in 1958.......................................... Why don't more people know their history? The taxi cab drivers didn't just strike, they blocked all the traffic to and from the airport. Why don't we have the balls to make similar demands of OUR government today? Peacefully shutting down Nassau would let the government know we are serious.


DDK 1 year ago

Agree with you and O. Butler.

When governments don't listen to their people, and the people are intelligent enough to care, the only way to at least get the government to the people's table, is to stand up and legally and peacefully demonstrate.


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