Money For Nothing As Vendor Paid $7,000 To Move Tyres Fails To Complete The Job


Deputy Chief Reporter


A VENDOR contracted to remove used tyres from the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation received payment for the work, but did not complete the job, Golden Gates MP Michael Foulkes said yesterday.

According to the MP, who is also BAIC chairman, the work was not started.

Nonetheless the company received three separate cheques totaling $6,900.

While he agreed the money paid was not significant, Mr Foulkes said it was a testament of the manner in which the former government ran the affairs of the country.

"We continue to discover fiscal abuses and a gross lack of accountability and transparency by the former government which has put BAIC in dire financial straits," Mr Foulkes said yesterday during his budget contribution.

"For example, Mr Speaker, during the last administration, while the amount involved is not significant, it speaks to the way they governed.

"A person was asked to remove tyres from BAIC property, the headquarters. He was given a BAIC cheque as an instalment or mobilisation but did not remove one - not a single tyre from the BAIC property.

"In spite of this, the same person was given a second BAIC cheque again, knowing full well that he received the first one and did absolutely nothing for it. Still no tyres were removed.

"Incredibly less than a month before the general election, April last year, this same person was given a third BAIC cheque and from that day to this day, he has still not removed a single tyre from BAIC's property."

He continued: "In total the person was paid as I said in the beginning it's not a large amount - $6,900 by three BAIC cheques. Mr Speaker this is not right.

"He did absolutely nothing to earn the $6,900 and they pretend that they do not understand why we have to increase taxes."

Mr Foulkes also confirmed BAIC has started to pay off its delinquent National Insurance Board contributions.

Earlier this year he revealed outstanding debts standing at $3m - including $1m owed to the National Insurance Board (NIB).


truetruebahamian 5 months ago

Not significant? Well it is DAMN WELL SIGNIFICANT TO ME! If I have to pay let nothing that these shysters do slide by scrutiny.


BahamaPundit 5 months ago

If that's not significant, why not give us all a cheque for $6,900. The irony is that Mr. Foulkes unintentionally identified the problem with our Bahamian politicians. With their private affairs and businesses, they count twice every nickel, dime and quarter, but, as soon as they are put in charge of the people's money, $7,000 becomes an insignificant amount. People have lost their homes to the banks over 7K. If they didn't do the work Mr. Foulkes, bring them to court and get the money back!!! By not going after these thieves, the Government in power becomes complicit with their thefts. Minnis and his crew should be made to pay back the BOB debts to the Bahamian people!!! Then you would see them go after the debtors as fast as lightning.


rawbahamian 5 months ago

It is the same shit after every election, the appropriated funds are lamented about in the house of assembly but NOT ONE WORD IS SPOKEN about how these funds will be recovered. $6,900 is a significant amount and should be retrieved from the receiver through the court systems to set an example then redirect their attentions to the B.O.B. Theives !!!


BONEFISH 5 months ago

Those funds need to be recovered from that vendor with interest.The taxpayers money can't go down the drain.


TalRussell 5 months ago

Ma Comrades, you thinks what we have is one Imperial excusing the over classic example on how 'peoplespublic' $7,000 was squandered on propagandizing video..... is $6,900, suddenly too much coincidence, not unsettle confidence, I Believe my brain cells are much smarter than any others,,,,just listen my many prerecordings over many years and regardless positions taken by others - listeners' tuning-in, had obviously thoughts they were of more in touch with common man's and woman's.


Socrates 5 months ago

Those cheques didn't write themselves. most likely at least 4 or 5 signatures were needed to process them. So, that bring the case, what happened to those who authorized and approved these payments? You know about it, well do something. Same s*#t, always we talk about what happened and do nothing. Total lack of respobsibility and accountability..


killemwitdakno 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Have a page on the gov't portal with your bad reviews.


killemwitdakno 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Nonperforming vendors.

They'll act right once no one else will want to hire them.


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