Silence On Renewables

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Remember pre-election, hard mouthed the FNM were, on renewable energy especially solar? Where is it today? Silent as a house mouse.

Truth told BP&L is using a tender process, to replace the 80KW back-up generators, provided by Aggreko. Quietly almost secretly the word was said, that participants may broader the scope of the tender, and provide a solution for long term.

This is how the Shell Americas 275 KW LNG fuel proposal won the day - but if you look at the Electricity Act, 2015, clearly it has to be asked - has BP&L as is required by Law complied and has URCA as the Regulator of electricity received BP&L’s reason, why they wish to solely rely on 275 KW plant fueled by LNG, without any mention of any renewable energy source? BP&L are required to give this analysis.

The Shell Americas deal means that we in Nassau, will rely totally for the next 15 years plus, on the source whether or not LNG price goes down or up.

Everywhere else the clever Utility Authorities, are insisting on a split of how electricity is generated - some conventional but at least 50 per cent renewable.

More than the pricing reason, but for cleaner air the renewable is far better as LNG gives off a high level of CO2, plus it can explode with dire consequences.

URCA as the Regulator, has to require BP&L to comply with the Law - give supportive reasons why they should approve the LNG proposal, and discount totally solar or some other cleaner, safer renewable energy fuel. URCA this is a test…the public must see the consulting documents of reference.



June 10, 2018.


Porcupine 1 year, 4 months ago

I agree. Where is the required sense of urgency here?


BONEFISH 1 year, 4 months ago

An electrical contractor said this on a talk show a while back. He had a conversation with a Florida based supplier. He said the Bahamas seem to be behind on energy conservation.The Bahamas is also at the bottom in the region in development of renewables.


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